Merry Christmas 🎄

I know this is a hard time of for many. My family came up with what I m sure isn’t unique but was to us. Instead of exchanging gifts this year we went around the dinner table  and told each other what charity they gave to. It was heartwarming and we were all in tears! Now my girls are 29-39 and no grandkids yet😞so it was easy to to. So instead of spending $$$$ of dollars on stuff we don’t really need, this is what we did. Everyone is different and I’m sure because of financial reasons can’t do this or personal ones can’t or don’t want to. But for us it was magic!🎄Merry Christmas everyone!!!


  • @maggieb Thank you for sharing your 'magical' Christmas with all of us.  The joy you shared with others through those donations is infectious.

    Love to hear from others in our communities how you spent your Christmas day and what might have been extra special this year to lighten your heart.
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