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ascites and paracentesis

After much anxiety and dread I've just had my abdominal fluid drained and wanted to alleviate other peoples stress about this procedure.  I had thought the procedure would be painful and was very happily surprised that this was not true.  While the utlrasound took some time to determine the extact location of the fluid, the actual procedure was fairly quick.  The area was given a pain free freezing before the aspiration was done.  I hope this might help decrease any stress or worry.  


  • Fearless_Moderator
    A really helpful note, @gaylestorm.  There are so many procedures we undergo where prior to our imaginations get the best of us, only to find it was a piece of cake.  I recall having a pleural effusion under my right lung that had to be fact it was the effect of it on my breathing that brought me to the doctor and my diagnosis originally.  Some young intern proceeded to tell me what they were to do and in my case, because of where it was they'd have to go in carefully between two ribs to avoid puncturing lung so it had to be done in radiology where they could see the tube going in on a screen.  I was terrified....only to find a wee injection of freezing on the site and I felt nothing as they inserted the drain and withdrew the fluid.  Then same thing about having a chest port installed when IV's became far too difficult and painful.  I put that off for almost a year terrified of a procedure that is done while conscious.  In fact, a nice relaxing cocktail of drugs combined with light freezing at the site of insertion and I remember thinking....that's it?