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Complex ovarian cyst

In my recent scan there was a complex septated ovarian cyst of 3 cm , and my estradiol counts are abnormally high.
It is recommended that I do a follow up pelvic scan in 6 weeks and a referral was made to a gynecologist. 
Should I ask for a Ca 125 ? Has anyone experienced this ?


  • I had a mass on my ovary about the same size. It was discovered during a pelvic ultrasound. However, it wasn't considered overly suspicious at the time. I did not have a CA-125, which in retrospect, I wish had been done. Perhaps the gynecologist will recommend both be done when you see him/her.
  • Fearless_Moderator
    Hi @Niro99 Welcome to our community.  I do hope we can help with your questions or anything else you might need from our group.

    From my own experience I'd suggest definitely treating your cyst seriously. In the vast majority of cases these cysts are unrelated to OVC, many just disappearing on their own, other times need surveillance, which could include a tissue biopsy, or surgical removal without damage to the ovary.  However in some instances these cysts can be pre-cancerous or an indicator of a predisposition to OVC so you are wise to be seeking a specialist view.

    A gynecologist is the first step for sure.  You don't need, nor would you get referred to, a gynecological oncologist unless there was evidence of cancer.  Let the gynecologist follow through on the assessment of your cyst.  But do ensure you raise the topic of OVC so they know it's on your mind and to be considered.  And there is no harm in asking for a CA 125 to be included in any blood work assessment but please bear in mind that the CA125 is not a reliable screening tool at the best of times.  And one score, over the 35 normal threshold is not an indicator of cancer progressing.  As well, false positives and negatives are quite normal.   But each gynecologist has their own view of the CA125 and personally, I'd ask if your gyne will be including one in the assessment. 

    As mentioned there is no effective screening tool for OVC so we tend to get diagnosed at later stages.  Your best protection is to monitor yourself for PERISISTENT symptoms....bloating, low back pain, changes in bowel habits and ensure you don't wait to be checked out.  When i do look back, my own mistake was not asking for ongoing follow up to a cyst that had shown up in ultrasound twice over two years and then disappeared each time.  After the second occurrence no one ever thought to check for it again and ten years later I had a tumor the size of a grapefruit  on that same ovary. Was there a connection?  I'll never know, and especially given most OVC actually starts in the fallopian tubes.  But even so, perhaps some follow up, even every couple of years, may have uncovered the cancer earlier.  

    Hopefully this is all a moot for you and the cyst is just that and only that.  But if you do need more insight please don't hesitate to reach out to our community hear.  In the meantime, you're in good hands seeing a gynecologist as the first, and hopefully only necessary step. 
  • Thank you for all the responses, I've received thus far.It has been very informative  
    Yeah , hopefully the gynecologist will do more assessments and follow-ups.Thank you for all the support and advice. 
    Very much appreciated. 🙏🏽