Hello everyone,
I am hoping you are well.
I am on a taxol and  intraperitoneal Carbo regimen. After 2 cycles nausea is still not well controlled and lasts 10 days even with breakthrough medications. After the first cycle I was vomiting hourly and couldn’t even keep water down so I have some anxiety around this issue. They are thinking of switching to Akynzeo from Emend. I’m wondering if anyone had tried Akynzeo and found it helpful for nausea. Thank you in advance for your time!


  • Oh dear, @Siga that must be awful.  I count myself fortunate that in five years I have had only mild queasiness from chemo.  Hopefully there are others in our community who've shared your experience and perhaps used that drug and will respond in due course.  But do try to be patient. We all respond differently to treatment and often it takes time and some experimentation to find the right solutions to side effect issues that arise.  Hopefully this medication will abate your nausea.  I do understand it is one that's been developed specifically to treat extreme nausea from chemo.

    Good luck with the new drug.  And keep us posted on how you're doing.  Our thoughts are with you.  

  • Thank you Fearless ! Hoping the next cycle nausea is better controlled! 🤞
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