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Vaginal vault polyps/granulation tissue

Good Morning Everyone!
  I attended my 6 mos post op/follow up visit with my surgeon yesterday. I will also mention that chemo finished on Aug 13th. During the appt an internal was performed and vaginal vault polyps/granulation tissue was found. Although I was assured that it may be scar tissue from surgery and that is occurs, a biopsy was taken to be assessed. A CT scan has also been ordered to determine outcomes as well.  
I am curious if anyone else has gone through this or has any information on it. From what I can find in articles, they are older information and nothing relevant within the past year or two.  
Any insight from my fellow sisters would be appreciated. 
Take care


  • Strongwoman
    Good Day!
      I am writing to follow up from this post.  I did not hear from anyone and will assume that no one else has experienced this. 
      I have not had my follow up appt with the surgeon but have been able to view my biopsy and it is non cancerous.  The granulation tissue is a type of scar tissue that can build in the body especially in more moisture laden areas from what I have read.  I thought it would be best to give an update in case anyone else does go through this.  If there is anything more to add after speaking with the surgeon, I will definitely post it as well.
      Hope all are doing as well as can be. 
    Take care
  • Thanks Tammy!
  • Fearless
    Thanks for sharing your story and update with the group..and for offering further updates if there are any.  There could be others in the community who have experienced a similar situation but just not active on the platform right now. It would be nice to add to this discussion thread as a reference for future.  But great you've started it.

    Cheers and wishing you heath and joy this holiday season,