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Hi. I'm Grace. I'm not sure I'm writing in the correct space but I haven't seen this information anywhere else.  I'm not new here, but I've been absent for a while. I had 3A ovarian cancer one year ago and I got a full debulking.  After the chemo treatments finished, I was left with continuous pain in my abdomen & pelvis. I was unable to do much exercising due to pain and fatigue, of course.  Well, one year later, my pain was still pretty bad and no one had an answer.  I was also in pain at the port site, with horrible shooting nerves all the way down my right side.  I finally found out that there is physiotherapy for us! Yes, for women who have had a hysterectomy or total debulking or any type of pelvic trauma.  I'm in Quebec, so I can add a link to a clinic here that will explain it.  What they do is give you exercises to stretch, yes, but they also work to stretch the internal muscles.  The first meeting, my physiotherapist worked out the pain where my port was located.  Finally, some relief.  We have been working together to strengthen my muscles.  I must warn you that they work both outside and inside the body and a vibrator is suggested to stretch those muscles on your own.  I have found much relief from getting this specialized physiotherapy,  I hope this information helps someone else, like it helped me!


  • Fearless_Moderator
    Hi Grace @mazzg

    Welcome back and thanks for sharing what you've discovered as helpful to a situation like yours.  We don't endorse anything here but it's great to get this information that allows our members to check in with their own cancer care teams for applicability to their own situations. It would be interesting to know if any of our other members have used these techniques. If I recall there is a physiotherapy clinic close to me that offers the same or very similar service and that's here in Ontario.

    So glad though you are recovering and finding relief for any discomfort that was left post treatment. Keep up the healing and keep us posted on your progress.