ATHENA clinical trial

i have just completed the treatment phase of this trial and am now being monitored. I was wondering if anyone else was on this?  I would highly recommend clinical trials. I was diagnosed 3 years ago with stage 3... went through the operation, debunking, 6 rounds of chemo and then immediately joined the trial. So far so good. If anyone has questions about this please feel free to ask. 


  • @Joanne it's wonderful and encouraging when we hear about successes from clinical trials.  You are indeed fortunate you met the criteria for participation and at a time they were recruiting participants last year.  It is though important for our members to remember this was a trial, not yet an approved treatment protocol, so not something we can choose or insist upon as a treatment protocol yet.  

    I too had a long term benefit from a trial back in 2018/19 using Olaparib. So I agree, the potential benefits if a trial is offered/available, is something to seriously consider.  Your cancer care team will help assess any risks against possible benefits.

    If anyone is interested in knowing more about Athena, here is a fairly easy to read description.   

    Joanne, I too was keen to find others on the trial I participated in, if for no other reason but to compare effects and results.  So hopefully there may be members of community who did also participate in Athena and will reach out to connect with you..

    Here's to your continued success with your treatment.......

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