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Hi from New Brunswick. I am 75 years young and was diagnosed with OV stage 4 on July 30th 2018.  So many things happened since then.  I hope to read more on this discussion site.  So many don't understand when you don't look sick but been told so many times that I was dying. I was even sent in palliative house for 10 month.  Ok this is too long. Hope to hear from you.  I was not sure where to start. Thanks 


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    Hey there @tappy46
    No post is ever too long for us.  This site is all about sharing whatever you're feeling, asking whatever questions you might any way that you feel comfortable.

    I take it you're new to our community so welcome.  You're now in a place of over 900 women from across Canada; all who walk in your shoes every day since their own diagnoses.  Some joined us early on and we've shared the ups and downs of their journey from almost day 1. Others have found us later on, like you...and me.  No matter when, or where you are in your journey you are not alone.  

    As a new member, a few things to point you to that might be of help if you're not aware of them.

    The first is to go back to basics if that might help. Ovarian Cancer Canada produce two guides. One called By Your Side for newly diagnosed. And the other Still By Your Side for those in recurrence.  I came into OVdialogue a long time after primary treatment and already into my first recurrence, yet ordered both guides and found them really helpful in understanding my cancer and what was going on in my body.  You can order those either soft or hard copy, or both like me by clicking on this link and filling out the order form:   And the Ovarian Cancer Canada website is a wealth of information beyond that; everything from women's stories to events going on, to videos on topics of interest, to updates on new treatments and clinical trials.

    Our home page here will usually highlight upcoming events to register for.  You can also access them on the Ovarian Cancer Canada website under Events/Local.

    And I host a weekly live real-time chat board for our members on Thursdays at 1pm. Love to have you join us any time it's convenient for you.  To participate you need only sign in to OVdialogue as you normally would, then click on the discussion topic Teal Thursdays.... (it's usually the first or second topic listed) and bingo, you're in and ready to type in hello. Or can choose not to participate and just either follow the discussion that day  or review historical discussions any time.  

    I hope some of this is helpful to get you started.  Now back to you, gal.....

    How are you feeling right now?  Something has prompted you to reach out.  Tell us how we can help, even it's only to listen.  You are now part of this community, a group of women who get it.  A group who are so sorry you are part of this and would love nothing better for you not to have been diagnosed with this disease. But you have and we know so well the roller coaster it has been for you.  So reach out today or any time you feel the need. We're here for you......

  • Hi and thank you for the welcome.  The booklet living with ovarian cancer, I have already read when I was first diagnosed.  This morning I was down about the last 3 years plus and when in search of ovarian cancer and came across this group. I thought it might be helpful to me considering all that has happened especially this past year.  It's a long story so I am not sure where to post or just in here.  Thanks again 
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    Oh, @tappy46....I'm so sorry you're having bad day.  The one disadvantage of this discussion board is that we can't give you that huge hug I think you might need right now, but just envision 900 women hugging you virtually right now.  

    Use this discussion string to share your story.  Sometimes just typing it all out helps us unburden ourselves with that heavy weight we feel on our shoulders some days.  And even if you're not sure how else we can help, knowing more about you and your journey brings you closer to us and to us understanding where we might be of help.  

    So take your time, whenever you're ready, and share everything you're comfortable sharing...from how you ended up diagnosed, to type/stage, to treatment you've had, the successes & bumps along the way and to where you are today in your journey.

    This is a safe place to your own pace and comfort level.  So whenever you're ready, we're here to listen.

  • Hi I will write it out soon. It will take time.  I am sure some of you might have gone through similar or worst.  
    Hugs back
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    Hi @tappy46
    Just checking in on you.  No rush or pressure to share anything but just hoping you find yourself in a better place than you were last month when you reached out.  Please remember we are here for you if you need us...any time.
    Big hugs
  • Hi I have not been feeling great.  I fell in the bathtub and of course other ailment crop up when you do that.  I hurt my back and especially my knee. I am slowly coming back to what I was before the fall.  It's a good thing that I had lifeline.  They called the ambulance and I did not break anything so no need for hospital.  
    Thanks for reaching out
    Will try to come back more often
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    @tappy46  Pat,  I am so sorry to hear that.  I find I'm overly cautious in the shower in fear of a fall myself. I'm on Caelyx now and you have to keep your hands and feet lubricated to avoid one of the side effects so imagine the skating rink my tub becomes when I step in.  Actually just on my way out to buy some of those no-slip strips to install in the tub in hopes that might help.  So lucky you have Lifeline.  If there's anything I've learned the past five years, it's to take everything ten times slower and with far more caution than I used to.  

    Take and wishing you a full recovery and as I said, please reach out if we can help in any way.

    Big hugs for now.....