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Radiation treatment for Ovarian cancer tumors

My sister has had this cancer for four years … she has done two sessions of chemo … actually three… drug therapy … full hysterectomy at the beginning and now she has a very painful tumour below her aorta… radiation … 8 sessions is scheduled now to shrink it and hopefully relieve the pain … any experience in this group with this treatment ? What was the outcome ? Thank you Christine, caregiver 


  • Fearless_Moderator
    @csm1960 I am sorry for your sister's diagnosis and the onging treatment she's been subjected to, yet still with pain.  Your question is very timely for me.  I know little about radiation as it relates to the treatment of OVC, but am scheduled to meet with a radiation oncologist on September 7 about the suggestion that  a tumor I have that is pressing against the psoas muscle and causing some range of motion issues in my right leg might benefit from radiation. I was actuallly gong to reach out myself this week to ask our community if anyone has experienced radiation and what questions I should be asking.  
    That said, I have yet to but will (and you might want to as well) go to the Search box on the upper right of your screen and type in "radiation" to pull up historical discussions on the topic. And go to the Ovarian Cancer Canada website to see if there is any information on the topic there. Additionally there is a small chapter in By Your Side on page 58 that covers the topic that you and your sister might find helpful.  

    I hope this helps.  She's lucky to have you "by her side" as she navigates this journey she taking.  Our wishes for a successful outcome for her......

  • Thanks for the quick response … I have read and researched on the internet about radiation and OVC but no real results so talking to someone who has experienced is the next route … I hope to share results with this group as my sister receives treatment over the next two weeks … remaining hopeful ! Christine 
  • Fearless_Moderator
    @csm1960 Christine, we would be ever so grateful if you or your sister find the time to share her experience with radiation. I'm sure that will be helpful to many others in our community.

    And hopefully you'll receive some responses in your outreach to hear about the experiences of other members with radiation treatment.  It is a much smaller community than those who've experienced the more standard treatment forms so a response rate is only as good as the number of members who are actively on the system at any given point. That said, I only caution that while we share our experiences we try to remember that our situations, our reactions and responses to treatment are all very individual.  The effects one might have could be very different for another.  But hearing those stories can be very helpful to arm you with questions to prepare that might otherwise not be asked.  

    Hope you do get the information you're seeking.  If there is any other way in which we can help please don't hesitate to reach out.