Trying to lose Chemo Weight Gain

I gained weight during chemo that I understand could be due to steroids and stress.  My wonder is do we as cancer patients now have trouble losing the weight because of everything that is going on in the body now.  All the drugs, stress hormones, fatigue.  I am not sure what is going on inside the body.  Any stories out there regarding weight loss success?


  • A lot of women have had success with aquafit classes and yoga. 
  • Hi @CurlyHair you might find some info in the discussion called "Exercise Routines" too.
  • Exercise is great and burns calories but unless you're running a half marathon you won't lose a lot of weight exercising. It's what you eat. The Low GI diet works really well, food is good, healthy and filling. I lost 15 pounds on it over about 4 months. Keep at it and the weight burns off. 
  • Thanks for the comments. 
  • Cutting out the ice cream after dinner has helped - though I do miss it...  oh well...  I also found that watching portions makes a difference. And - drinking more water.
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