Curious- how low have your neutrophils gone while on chemo?


  • Hi Lucy,  
    My neutrophils were low and really low for my last chemo treatment so they had to reschedule my last chemo (3 weeks later).  I am a 5 year survivor of HGSC.  I hope that helps.
  • @LUCY_BC I'm not sure what purpose this serves but the lowest my neutrophils have been was .63 back when I was in first line chemo, about half way through my cycles.  At that point I was taken off chemo for a week while they administered a drug daily for a week to bring the level back to normal.  This most recent time I received a shot of Lapelga on Day 10 of each cycle to avoid a drop in my neutrophils so they remained stable through out.

    There have been a number of past discussions on OVd about the subject you might find helpful.  Just type in a few key words like: neutrophils, neutropenia, white blood cells in the search box on the upper right of your screen to pull up the conversations.

    Hope this is helpful.  
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