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Ideas to keep busy while waiting?

I am looking for ideas to keep busy while I am waiting for surgery. It looks like I will have a 4 -6 week wait.

I am on vacation so work doesn’t occupy me at the moment. Can’t really travel. I am organizing visits with friends and day trips. 

I have never been a person with hobbies…running and going to the gym we’re my free time activities. Oh and I’m an empty nester.

It's funny because I usually complain about how quickly time passes. Now it seems so slow.

Just wondering how you managed the wait.



  • During my chemo treatment, when I wasn't sleeping or vegging on the couch, I started a journal. Not only did it help me vent (even though no one else read it!) it was the beginning of a new hobby. Since my diagnosis I have written five novels and am currently finishing up #6. Believe me, it does help pass the time and I can escape into a world that no one else has control over and lets my imagination run wild (and it usually does!).

    Sewing and photography are also two passions  - though lately they have fallen to the wayside. Over the past five years I've been sewing wallets, clutches, zip bags (I sewed over 100 and donated to our local hospice tuck shop) and purses. We were just away at our son's cottage this past week which is dangerously close to one of my favourite fabric stores. Of course, I had to purchase more fabric. So, I'd better get the sewing machine out before too long.

  • Brenda
    @kastoyles Thanks for the ideas. I can see journalling as a great outlet. 

    Congrats on the novels, by the way. that's fantastic.
  • Fearless_Moderator
    I'm no where close to being as productive and constructive as kastoyles. My own way to make time pass is to target something major I've been putting off for eons...things like reorganize the basement or go through every closet and create 3 piles, the good stuff that I haven't touched in over 2 years and make that donateable, a pile to toss of those things that aren't worth anything to anyone, and the keeper pile and then dispose of everything accordingly or when the weather warrants, create that rose garden I've been talking about since we moved here 12 years ago.  Just some big project that once started you have to take it to completion.  
  • @Fearless - Vol Mod  - we moved in 2019 and  purged a lot of 'stuff' beforehand. However, since then we cleared out my parent's home so I managed to bring a few (cough cough) things home to the apartment. I could use another purge.. LOL Have fun!