Has anyone used this chemo drug?  I was always having allergic reactions with Taxol, so I’ll be trying this new treatment on Friday. I was wondering how people reacted to Abraxane.


  • @LUCY_BC
    I too had a reaction to Taxol during primary treatment five years ago.  There was discussion about trying Abraxane which is a different form of Paclitaxel but with much less in side effects but my reaction so severe on the first try with Taxol that they didn't want to risk it and switched me to Gemcitabine as the compliment to the Carboplatin instead.

    So no actual experience myself other than hearing from others who'd had difficulty tolerating Taxol and switched to Abraxane that it resolved any reaction issues they'd had. 

    Hopefully some of our members who've had the drug will see your question and share their own direct experience with the drug.  In the meantime, best wishes for an uneventful chemo on Friday.  
  • Well….. I had Abraxane & Carboplatin today……with no reactions.  Plus, it was so nice to only have to be there for 2.25 hrs instead of 6-7hrs (with reactions + slow drips + steroids).  I hope this new drug works as well as Taxol. 🤞👍