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Desktop 3 Study

Has anyone heard of this new study?  I have read about it but the results are not entirely  clear to me.   Also, what is meant by OS versus PFS?  any thoughts will be appreciated. Enjoy the weekend.


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    edited June 2021
     Hope this helps @Lucy22 as a stop gap.  Highly suggest the questions better posed to your oncologist though.  He or she is best to provide the information and explain any applicability or not to your condition.

    Progression-free survival (PFS), the time from treatment initiation until disease progression or worsening, may be used as a direct or surrogate measure of clinical benefit for drug approvals, depending on the disease and response observed, while overall survival (OS), the duration of patient survival from the time of treatment initiation, is a universally-accepted direct measure of clinical benefit.

    There is lots of information on the study if you google Desktop 3 study. If you're having trouble interpreting the information then again, I suggest your cancer care team can best provide the answers to your questions. Our group are survivors and, while we can share our own experiences with the disease and treatments, we're really not qualified to be dispensing medical information or interpretation.

    You can also reach out directly to Tracy Kolwich  at OCC who oversights OVd. She may be able to reach out to the OCC medical consultants for the information you're requesting. or @TracyOCC