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Covid shots

Has anyone had their covid shots during chemo? If so, when did you get the shot during your 3 week cycle and how did you feel?


  • @LUCY_BC I had both shots while in chemo. Pfizer for me.  I consulted with my oncologist to ensure the timing was optimal.  Based on my chemo schedule she wanted me to book my appointments in the 2 to 3 day window before start of a cycle.  That would have the shot done when my immunity level was at its highest.  She even cancelled the second drug, Gemcitabine, for the first shot because it is especially hard on the immune system and felt that there was less risk to me of stopping the Gem for that cycle than the risk associated getting Covid so wanted me well protected.  Same timing for the second shot but we went ahead with the Gem too for that one.

    All in all, I had no reaction to either shot. Mild tenderness for a day at the injection site but that was it.  I did find my fatigue after the chemo was a bit more than usual but it didn't last long and not sure if having had the shot contributed.  Most of the gals I've talked to have had similar experience and timing. But best advice I can give you is to ensure your oncologist is part of the decision and consulted on the timing for your appointments.  
  • Thanks for your Covid shot info.  I’ve just moved my shot appt. up to next week, 2 days prior to my 2nd chemo, I should say my second attempt @ my 2nd chemo. So technically I’ll be in my 4th week, so my immune system should be at its strongest.  I had 2 attempts at my 2nd chemo on Friday, with severe reactions, including the slow drip approach. So chemo was aborted for one week.  Very disappointing. Even though I had very little Taxol on Friday, I still developed rashes Friday night and Sat. morning.  So to say the least, I’ll be pretty nervous when I try again this Friday.  They’re having me take 10 dexamethasone 12 & 6hrs. the night before. Hope for the best. 
    My 1st reaction to Taxol was 11 mins. in, heaviness in chest, hard to breathe, severe back pain, and shaking. The second attempt (slow drip) I had pressure in my ears and my eyes turned red. So all in all, that was enough to abort.
  • @LUCY_BC that's great news to have your shot booked. I assume your medical team is aware and in agreement on timing. If not, don't leave to the last minute. Ensure they know now, especially given your reaction to your chemo. They may want to adjust your treatment to allow for the Covid shot like my oncologist did for my first shot.  

    But good luck with your chemo. I too had severe reaction to Taxol five years ago. For me it was within the first 60 seconds and so severe I was sent up to acute care for monitoring for seven hours. They abandoned the drug entirely for me and substituted Gemcitabine which I tolerated just fine.  This time I ended up reacting to Carboplatin at cycle 5. I'm told the platinum based drugs build up toxicity over time so reaction later on in the treatment schedule is quite normal.  We tried again with more drugs and slower infusion but no go, so I'm now on Cisplatin with lots of pre meds and all seems ok although the side effects with Cis are much harder on me than were the effects from the Carbo. At least I'm at the end of my overall treatment. Cycle 8 this week and next and either over or we'll go one final cycle.

    Oh, a suggestion to ask your medical care.  Given you continued to develop rashes/reactions for several days after your chemo has anyone suggested you keep a supply of antihistamines handy..Benadryl or Claritin perhaps?  They can be very effective in moderating an allergic reaction depending on your situation.  If it hasn't been suggested, you might want to ask whether that might be an effective strategy to help you through your chemo. Not necessarily relevant for everyone however. 

    We'll all be thinking of you. Let us know how it goes. Hopefully uneventful this time.  <3  
  • Yes, thank you………I have Benadryl on hand, it works wonders for me.👍