Chemo question

I’ll be starting my 2nd chemo this week and I’d like to know if I can assume I’ll be going thru the same symptoms as I experienced during my 1st one? Taxol + Carbo


  • @LUCY_BC I kept a journal of how I felt every time I had chemo and the for the following week.  It didn't vary too much.  I went through eight rounds and knew that day one and two I'd feel fine but days three, four, five and six were a challenge and from there on it was easy sailing until the next chemo.  
    The final two chemos were the only one's that deviated.  I felt them to be easier on my body or my body had become use to it.  Good luck!
  • kastoyleskastoyles ✭✭✭
    @LUCY_BC - though the side effects are the same, we will all react differently. I found that the fatigue increased with each chemo treatment. Like @Annie1950 I found day one and two to be fine (mine was on Thursdays) by Saturday I was tired, some nausea and leg pains started on Saturday night. I learned after the first one to be proactive - I started Tylenol on Saturday afternoon. Ate smaller meals and never let myself get hungry. Take the meds prescribed by your oncology team. Drink lots of water before treatment and in the next few days to help flush your system. And REST! By Monday the pains were subsiding, the nausea was gone but the fatigue lingered. Listen to your body. This is the time to take care of yourself.
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