TEAL TEAS (Zoom platform)- October schedule now available for registration

Hi Everyone, 

OCC is thrilled to provide this important space for women across the country to connect with one another using the Zoom platform. 

These gatherings are not professionally facilitated support groups nor are they recorded, rather, they are meant to be a place for connection and conversation, organically, to reach more Teal Sisters from coast to coast.   

They have created three options to attend, normally on the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the last week of each month; the first usually targeted to Young Survivors, the second a general session, and the third for Survivors of 10 years or more.

The Tea’s require registration and have limited space on a first come first serve. Once the rooms are full there will be no further access for that Teal Tea.

For questions, or to reach us for any reason on this Teal Tea resource please email [email protected]

For the most current schedule and to register please click the link below:



  • Thanks for posting this @Fearless - Vol Mod! I attended my first Teal Tea on Tuesday and it was wonderful to see some other Teal Sisters and chat about what resources we found helpful. Highly recommend attending!
  • @jiselle16
    Thanks for the feedback. I know OCC will value hearing from participants. I've made a note to ask the gals on todays' live chat if anyone participated.  I was hoping to zoom into one of them myself this week but this is a chemo week for me so hopefully next time.  
    The schedule past today's final session this afternoon isn't up yet but will update the link for all when they post it. 

  • The June Teal Tea schedule is now posted.  Sessions are limited with registration on a first come first served basis. To register for one of the 3 June sessions (June 22, 23 or 24): https://ovariancanada.org/Events/Find-Local-Events
  • Highly recommend attending OCC's "Teal Tea" as a way to connect with other teal sisters and share advice/resources!

    The July schedule for Teal Teas has now been posted: https://ovariancanada.org/events-support/find-local-events#tealtea

    Sessions are on July 27, 28 and 29. Click the above link to register! The session on July 28 at 6pm ET/3pm PT/7pm AT is specifically for young survivors. Register and join me :)
  • FYI, I believe the Teal Teas will be suspended for August but will pick up again in September.  We will post an advisory when the new schedule is available or check  https://ovariancanada.org/events-support/find-local-events#tealtea for the updates. 
  • Just checking in, I don't see it on the Event tab.  Still suspended for September?  I'd love to meet more people that will understand :)
  • @missvixx Yes, the Teal Tea for young survivors would be an ideal forum for you. Try this link for the September session. It provides a general overview, date and time, and a link to register.   Let me know if you have any problem accessing it.


    You might also want to join our weekly live online chat.  Each week we have anywhere from 1 to up to 20+ online where we talk about everything and anything.  You're welcome to view to get a feel for it without participating yet or just jump in and join us. It's every Thursday at 1PM EDT, in fact one today. You need only sign in to OVdialogue and click on the discussion topic Teal Thursdays..... to enter the chat.  Love to have you join us.  
  • I'll definitely give it a whirl, but won't be free today!  I've marked my calendar for next Thursday :)
  • @missvixx Hope to see you at today's Teal Tea for young survivors, if you are able to join! I'll be there! It's at 6pm EST (5pm in Manitoba). If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message.
  • @jiselle16
    I'm coming!  :)  I am sooooo excited to see some more of my sisters! <3
  • Such a GREAT teal tea last night! @missvixx It was so lovely to chat with you, so glad we could connect! The next teal tea for "young survivors" on October 27 is already open for registration: https://ovariancanada.org/Events/Find-Local-Events/2021/October/Teal-Tea-October-27-2021.

    OCC is thinking of inviting a speaker to one of the next teal teas, so if you have any questions you would like answered, feel free to post here or send me a PM so we can build out a question list!

    Looking forward to the next teal tea :smile:
  • @jiselle16 it was SO great to meet you too!  I had an awesome time, and will definitely attend the next one!  I hope S is there too, she's so lovely!  I do have some questions, so I'll be sure to think up a few and get em up here :)
  • @jiselle16 @missvixx Loved our chat. 
    I will be there for the next! S. 
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