Teal Time and how to use it

Hello.  I am new to this Teal Time and am wondering how to use it.  I am in Ontario and would like to know when this open forum runs (time).  If someone can let me know, I would appreciate it.


  • @Strongwoman
    , if you mean Teal Thursdays...the live online weekly chat, it's at 1pm EST every Thursday. And you need only sign in to OVdialogue and the click on the Teal Thursday discussion thread and you're in. Let me know if you have any problems.
  • @Strongwoman in addition to our Thursday recurring online chat at 1pm EST, Ovarian Cancer Canada have just started a series the call Teal Teas that will held on the Zoom platform.  The first ones start next week. I have posted more information and the link to register for those in a Discussion topic on the OVdialogue home page if you're interested in those as well.  

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