Walk for Hope

At the suggestion of a wise Teal sister, I'm redirecting my energy to creating a team for the Walk of hope, Team; Gaylestorm.  With the help of social media and friends and family sharing my post, my team has raised over $5000 in the last 24 hours.  Placing the information on facebook and instagram, you don't actually have to directly ask people for funds. Its very easy to set up a team, all instruction are online.  I have never done anything like this but this is my time to give back.  I hope that other teal sister will consider forming a team.  It's amazing how many people there are that just want to support us!  This is my team site.   Take a look, it might give you some ideas about how to start the process.


  • Wow, $5000 already !  I do hope this inspires others to get engaged as well.  Keep us posted on your progress. Perhaps  others might join this post and share their activities and progress.

    @TracyOCC looks like you gals out in BC have a new and formidable addition to the Walks out there.......
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