I would like to talk to a long time survivor

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I just found out, 4th reoccurance just want to talk to someone going through this as long as I have 10 yrs


  • Hello from Ontario.  I was diagnosed March 2010 high grade serus OC BRCA 1 Pos. with recurrences in  2012 and 2017.   At this time I have been on Lynparza for 3 yrs and am NED. 
  • @devanator I'm so sorry to hear about another recurrence for you.  I see that @AndreaB has reached out to connect and we have lots of others in the group who are longer term survivors who I expect will also in due course.  In the meantime please reach out if there is anything I or anyone else can do to support through another challenge.  We all wish you every success in meeting this one once again.   <3
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