Hi - I have been on Olaparib since Feb 2021.  Would love to chat with anyone who is also on it. 


  • Hi @Camper62
    We have lots of members who are on it or have been on it, myself included.  Some, like me, as part of clinical trials and others using it for maintenance as has been approved for treatment use.  I'm sure there will be others responding to you but in the meantime, if you key in Olaparib or Lynparsa (its trade name) in to the search bar in the upper right of your screen, you'll pull up the discussions and comments on that topic that currently exist. You might find those useful.

    I was on the drug for almost two years, but as mentioned on a clinical trial to test its possible effects as an actual treatment for recurrence in patients who are high grade serous advanced, in recurrence but not yet treated, platinum sensitive in first-line treatment but not BRCA positive....instead carry an HRD genetic mutation.  That said, things like side effects are fairly common across all uses of the drug so if there is anything specific on that front I can share for you I'd be happy to. 


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