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High liver enzymes

Has anyone experienced the cancelling of a chemotherapy treatment due to high liver enzymes? My oncologist, after ordering bloodwork weekly, has informed me that my liver enzyme count is rising continuously and that chemotherapy cannot be performed with this condition. Could this be a gall bladder issue or is this due to the actual treatment itself? Ant information would greatly be appreciated.


  • Fearless_Moderator
    Hi @Woody
    I've never had treatment cancelled or delayed because of high live enzyme issues but a delay as a result of significant change in blood work results is very usual. The most common is a decrease in either neutrophils or red blood cells.  But everything is watched closely since chemo is toxic and some chemo drugs affect certain things more than others. The important thing is to talk to your oncologist or cancer centre team. All of us respond and react differently to chemo so while someone else may have had chemo delayed for a similar issue, what caused it...what the plan was moving forward could be entirely different.

    Were I you, I would reach out with the following questions:
    1. What do they believe is the cause of the enzyme increase?
    2. Is the chemo cancelled or just delayed?
    3. What is their plan to improve the blood work.....a rest from chemo or is their something more than needs to be done?
    4. What is their plan for your treatment moving forward if the blood work can't be improved?

    I will add that very often a rest from chemo, a change in the drug being used, or a decrease in dose is often the solution.  And don't let a temporary stop in chemo be fearful.  The cycles are all timed to accommodate the occasional stop/start without affecting the efficacy of the drug. Many of us have missed a full cycle or more before getting back to a regularized plan.  
  • Woody
    @Fearless - Vol Mod thank you for your response to my liver enzyme concerns. Trying to deal with my oncologist and getting direct answers has been a major issue since I started my treatment. We have arranged an actual appointment Tuesday to deal with some of these issues/questions face to face, not virtual, with my daughter-in-law attending with me. I don’t have to like him but I do respect him as a professional. I think that the points you have made are certainly helpful in my presentation to him. Thank you for your thoughts and consideration.