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#2a) in the OCC Speaker Series - EMOTIONAL HEALING - Wednesday, March 24th - 7pmEST - Register NOW!

If you enjoyed the September Symposium, and the first Speaker Series presentation in February,  you won't want to miss this one!  And part 2b) on April 21st.

This free event will be hosted on Zoom and led by Jennifer de Wet Turner, registered psychotherapist and certified spiritual care practitioner. She’ll discuss managing fear and exploring healing, emotional obstacles to health and peace, hope versus positivity and the challenge of hopelessness.

Jennifer works at the Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre and in private practice, facilitating virtual support groups and providing individual psychotherapy and coaching. Having been diagnosed with cancer, Jennifer has a firsthand understanding of living with the disease.

Have questions for Jennifer? A question-and-answer period will follow the presentation, and you can also submit your questions in advance to

Jennifer hosts a follow up to this session on April 21, 2021. Titled Living with the fear of dying, it will focus on how to create a safe space to talk about dying, spiritual and emotional healing, and how to facilitate peace. Those registered for the March session will receive login details for the April session later this month, should they wish to attend.

To register today:


  • Fearless_Moderator
    Very informative session last night.  It was wonderful hearing what we feel put into such insightful words by a professional who has also walked in our shoes.  Hope you completed the survey. Look for the link to the video if you missed it, or want to review portions.  I'll post it here when it's made available.
    I'm truly looking forward to her follow up session, Living with the fear of dying. As Jennifer touched on last night, the subject is almost taboo to raise but so important to our emotional well being.  I've earmarked it April 21st on my calendar.
  • I would like to attend the session on April 21. Would that be possible? 
  • Fearless_Moderator
    @hfxshel I expect you're referring to the topic on Fear of Dying.  That was April 21, last year.  But it was recorded. Here is the link to access the recording. These speaker sessions are all run by Ovarian Cancer Canada and you can access the videos post presentation or register for upcoming events on their website.  If you need any help navigating the OCC site, please let me know. Happy to help.