There is a lot going on in research and development for new cancer treatments, including immunotherapies. I attended a patient summit in Chicago, in August, put on by the Cancer Research Institute (US). It was very informative and they had a researcher at that summit that was particularly focused on ovarian cancer. They are live-streaming a summit on Sept. 23. It is free and anyone can register at It will be on Sat., Sept. 23, 2017 from 10:00 - 3:30 EDT. I do not believe that an ovarian cancer researcher will be at this summit, but the general information is worth listening to.


  • Interesting, thanks for letting us  know :smile:

  • Thanks for the information @deebus52!  I’m going to try and watch it.  I am very interested in various treatment options! 
  • Yes, i'm in a "PARP" Inhibitor Trial Study. It's in its 3rd trial and shows promise. I go December 23rd for a updated "MRI"
  • @Viperspice.  Hope the MRI goes well!  Will be thinking of you!
  • I'm also on an immunotherapy trial, just finished my third cycle. Checking out whether there's response on Dec 6 with a CT. Fingers crossed
  • I was in a trial for an immune vaccine  called DPS survivac 4 yrs ago.  I did recur this yr  but was impressed.  My first recurrence was only 18 Months.  Did the trial went 4 yrs.   Now on olaparib
  • Hi @Birdvet.  How many cycles will you have in the trial?  Does it carry on after your CT on Dec 6.  How have you tolerated the treatment?

    Hi @AndreaB.  Very interesting results with recurrences - 4 yrs vs. 18 months!  Are you still being followed for the trial?  If so, did they make any comment about the length of your remission?
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    Hi @Marilyn, I have 4 cycles with 2 drugs ( durvalumab and tremelumimab) and then will continue on with durvalumab alone,for as long as it's working. Yes I still have more cycles after my CT...i guess unless the CT shows things are growing. They did tell me that existing tumours can look bigger on the first CT because of inflammation caused by the not to panic...however if there are more..not sure what they'll do .I feel better but I think I'm just happy to be off chemo..brutal and it wasn't working. I've had a low grade nausea, still tired ( may be left over from chemo) but much less so and have had the odd rash but nothing crazy. I hope it works!!!
  • I am not I  the trial anymore it has been 2 yrs now I think. I  have been followed all along as this was at Princess Margaret my regular oncologists office.  
  • Hi @Birdvet.  Glad you are finding it a little easier re side effects.  Hope things go well with the CT!
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    Does anyone know if this immunotherapy is available in Canada?
  • Hi @ValP.  I started an immunotherapy trial in July, 2019 at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto. It is a vaccine (DPX survivac) plus a low-dose chemotherapy drug (cyclophosphamide).  You could ask your oncologist to give you a referral to PMH to see if you qualify for a trial.  To see a listing of clinical trials in Canada, go to  Under “Refine your search” click on “select a cancer type” and click on ovarian.  Right now it is showing 111 trials in Canada.  You can click on any of these trials and obtain more information about them.  I hope this helps.
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