Travel Insurance for Cancer patients....

On today's OVdialogue live chat one of our members asked about travel insurance for those of us in treatment or with a cancer history. Now that we're hopefully getting closer to opening things up to travel again, out of province and internationally, this is a topic that many might have an interest in learning about. Does anyone have any recent experience with arranging for travel insurance that they can share with us all?  I will also reach out to OCC to see if they have any information that we can share on this site.
Welcoming any input from our "travellers" .......


  • I don't have recent experience but hubby and I travelled to the Maritimes in 2017.  This was just a year after I finished chemo. I'm also on medication for blood pressure. We purchased our insurance through CAA and other than answering a list of health questions (we disclosed everything), we didn't run into any problems in getting insurance.
  •  I understand OCC is planning a speaker series session on this topic in the summer...likely a recorded info session rather than live zoom though.  So if anyone has any particular questions they want  considered and addressed, please provide them in the comments on this Discussion thread.  Thanks
  • Thank you for posting Fearless.  I was particularly interested in international travel insurance.  Many companies I have researched have exclusions for pre existing condition such as ovarian cancer and also we are excluded if our bloodwork changes, which mine does every month.  
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