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Scalp cooling cap

Has anybody tried a scalp cooling cap to prevent hair loss during chemotherapy? 


  • Fearless_Moderator
    @laroo not me. My particular chemo drugs didn't cause hair loss so it was never a consideration.  I do see a young gal at my cancer centre who is using the cap though, and now seeing it and what's entailed I would have opted to shave my head before going through that process. The cap looks very uncomfortable, and her young husband sits it the waiting room with a cooler full of replacement pads so that it can be changed constantly. 

    How one feels about hair loss is very personal and I would never judge anyone who thinks differently than me.  But many do manage very well with just getting rid of it all quickly and then having some fun with caps and scarves. Regardless, do investigate fully before you undertake the process.  Also, suggest you type in some related key words, like: cooling cap into the Search button on the upper right of your screen. It could pull up some older conversations on the subject, if there have been any, that might be helpful.