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New- clear cell carcinoma

Hi my name is loretta. I’ve been recently diagnosed (two weeks)with stage 2 clear cell carcinoma. I had a large mass in my uterus which resulted in a total hysterectomy. I am still in a lot of discomfort from the surgery and still very emotional. I am glad to have found this support group ❤️


  • Fearless
    @LoRoo I'm very sorry for your diagnosis. I think all of us can empathize with how you're fet eling emotionally and physically.  The diagnosis tends to come as a shock to most of us and for you, being so new, I'm sure you're feeling overwhelmed and afraid.  Please know we are here to support you in whatever way we can help.  Our group is national and close to 500 strong, all survivors and all with our own stories to share. 

    I always say to the newly diagnosed, your strength will come from education; learning as much as you can about the disease so that you can make informed decisions for yourself.  The Ovarian Cancer Canada website holds an enormous amount of information on ovarian cancer; videos, stories and more. And, if you haven't already, order the booklet By Your Side.  You can get it hard and soft copy. I suggest ordering both. The soft copy to support you while you wait on the hard copy to come in the mail. It is a  very helpful guide for the newly diagnosed and takes you all the way through to the end of frontline treatment.  

    We have members here that are also diagnosed as clear cell. You might want to type in those key words into the search box at the top right hand of our home page.  That should bring up some previous discussions on the topic you might want to access...and contribute to.  

    Finally, I can tell you that while having this disease is not something any of us would choose, it does come at a time when there has been and continues to be more research and development of new drugs and treatments than ever before. We are truly living longer and better lives.  I know. I'm a survivor into my 5th year of treatment for high grade serous OVC stage 3C. I've been through frontline treatment, a recurrence which was successfully managed for two years on a clinical trial and am now back on a course of chemotherapy for which I am responding beyond expectations.  That's me. And each of us is different in how we respond to treatment. I also have a list longer than my arm of survivors I know who completed frontline treatment and have been clear of the disease ever since...some over 20 years.  Trust in your oncology team. Build your personal support network and use them to help you through the bad times and celebrate with you as you start to see successes, even wee ones. And use us....reach out with questions, concerns, share your progress (we love to hear how you're doing) and just use us to vent or lean on if you need us. 

    You will find over time that you are far more resilient than you expect right now. 

    You are in our thought and prayers..... <3

  • LoRoo
    Thank you so much.  
  • jiselle16
    jiselle16 Community Champion
    @LoRoo very sorry to hear of your diagnosis. It's definitely a painful and emotional experience, and I would encourage you to feel your feelings as they come. I too was diagnosed with clear cell, stage 1, almost 5 years ago and this site has been very helpful along my journey. Glad you found OVdialogue, I hope you find it supportive as you recover, and please know that we are here to support you! As Fearless mentioned, there is a thread on here for clear cell carcinoma that you might want to check out. You can also use the search box at the top right to find any topics you are looking for. There is a wealth of knowledge and support on here, and please know we are thinking of you and cheering you on <3
  • Hello @LoRoo - You have found the right place for support over the next few months and beyond. I was diagnosed with Stage 1 Clear Cell in January 2016 after my hysterectomy. The prescribed treatment was six rounds of chemo - carboplatin and paclitaxol. In July 2021, I'll celebrate five years with no evidence of disease. I know what you are feeling and how your life will be consumed with appointments, treatment, sleepless nights and worries. As Fearless says, educate yourself. Learn what you can from your oncologist and other members of OV Dialogue. Come here for support or to rant - whichever you choose, or need, we're here for you.