Caelyx and Bevacizumab treatment for recurrence

Hi My name is Debbie I was diagnosed in April 2020 with high grade serous ovarian cancer C3. I am having a recurrence and have been identified as Platinum resistant I am staring a new regime of treatment on March 4 of Caelyx and Bevacizumab, I would like to hear from ladies who have experienced this combo treatment, hoping to get some good tips on managing or preventing some of the possible side effects. 
Thanks in advance 


  • I have mucinous ovarian cancer and will be following the same regime by the end of March. Would welcome some input as well.
  • @DebbieK
    Welcome to OVdialogue.  I"m sorry to hear of your recurrence and that you're platinum resistant,  I have heard of great success with the Caelyx Avastin combination though.   You might want to order two booklets from Ovarian Cancer Canada...By Your Side (for initial diagnosis and treatment but full of useful information) and Still By Your Side(for those going through recurrence). Both booklets are very helpful in guiding you through your journey and be delivered in both soft and hard copy. I recommend ordering both..the soft copy to have quickly and the hard copy for it's ongoing journaling capability. You can find the order form at

    And @DebbieK and @glenda if you go to the search box (top right hand side of your screen just above the yellow New Discussion box) type in key words like Caelyx, Avastin, Bevacizumab to find discussions on those topics.  There have been a number of our community in discussion on those drugs fairly recently and you might find those discussion threads informative.

    And just a reminder that we hold our live real-time online chats on Thursdays at 1pm EST. Love you join us. Just sign in to OVdialogue and click on the Discussion topic: TEAL THURSDAYS.... to enter the chat.
  • Thank you Fearless, unfortunately my first chemo is this Thursday but perhaps I can join in next week. 
  • @DebbieK absolutley.  Our group ebbs and flows as the members have either time or inclination to join us.  You're welcome anytime.  And good luck with your first treatment.  I too am high grade serous and in my first recurrence, although platinum sensitive so my cocktail is Carboplatin and Gemcitabine.  So far so good at the half way mark for me so wishing you the same success. 
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