Caelyx and Bevacizumab treatment for recurrence

Hi My name is Debbie I was diagnosed in April 2020 with high grade serous ovarian cancer C3. I am having a recurrence and have been identified as Platinum resistant I am staring a new regime of treatment on March 4 of Caelyx and Bevacizumab, I would like to hear from ladies who have experienced this combo treatment, hoping to get some good tips on managing or preventing some of the possible side effects. 
Thanks in advance 


  • I have mucinous ovarian cancer and will be following the same regime by the end of March. Would welcome some input as well.
  • @DebbieK
    Welcome to OVdialogue.  I"m sorry to hear of your recurrence and that you're platinum resistant,  I have heard of great success with the Caelyx Avastin combination though.   You might want to order two booklets from Ovarian Cancer Canada...By Your Side (for initial diagnosis and treatment but full of useful information) and Still By Your Side(for those going through recurrence). Both booklets are very helpful in guiding you through your journey and be delivered in both soft and hard copy. I recommend ordering both..the soft copy to have quickly and the hard copy for it's ongoing journaling capability. You can find the order form at

    And @DebbieK and @glenda if you go to the search box (top right hand side of your screen just above the yellow New Discussion box) type in key words like Caelyx, Avastin, Bevacizumab to find discussions on those topics.  There have been a number of our community in discussion on those drugs fairly recently and you might find those discussion threads informative.

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  • Thank you Fearless, unfortunately my first chemo is this Thursday but perhaps I can join in next week. 
  • @DebbieK absolutley.  Our group ebbs and flows as the members have either time or inclination to join us.  You're welcome anytime.  And good luck with your first treatment.  I too am high grade serous and in my first recurrence, although platinum sensitive so my cocktail is Carboplatin and Gemcitabine.  So far so good at the half way mark for me so wishing you the same success. 
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    Hi Debbie K.  I was wondering how you made out with Caelyx?  I also have a recurrence and will be starting Carbo + Caelyx in a couple of weeks.
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    I can tell you that Caelyx is very commonly used for those who are platinum resistant.  What it's combined with  or at all can differ though. I was eventually found to be platinum resistant and have been on the same course as was DebbieK...Caelyx and Avastin, also known as Bevacizumab since early December last year.  That combination has been successful for me with some of my recurrence showing shrinkage and the rest having stabilized.  Side effects, for me, so far have been tolerable.  Several friends I have made in the six years I've been in treatment are now on the same course that's being recommended for you, Caelyx + Carbo and to my knowledge, while treatment is fairly new for them, they are seeing a positive response.  Hopefully you'll experience the same. 

  • Thanks so much for the info.  As well as the positive feedback regarding Caelyx.  Question: did you have any issues with your hands or feet while on Caelyx?  
  • Hi Lucy,  I also recently completed caelyx and the carbo combination. My hands and feet were fine. I did get the mouth sores after the second treatment and there was a slight decrease in my dose. The Magic Mouthwas worked really well. Constipation was also a problem starting a day or two after the first treatment. Other than the fatigue, those were the only 2 side effects I experienced.  Good luck
  • @LUCY_BC unlike many of my friends who did experience hand and foot sores, the issue didn't impact me.  Like everyone else I slathered cream on both morning and night so I'd credit that, but so did they and still experienced the sores. By the way, Udderly Smooth cream seems to be the the one of choice for most of us.  I've had a little tenderness on the edges of my tongue from time to time, and only one mouth sore the entire time so compared to most I think I've been lucky.  What I have had is really severe fatigue, a fairly constant sore throat, and a hoarse cough.  My doctor has suggested lowering the Caelyx dose in hopes of reducing my fatigue but right now I'm sticking with the full dose. The fatigue is annoying but not unmanageable.   Magic mouthwash also works for me for the sore throat and cough.  

    I've had friends who've had every side effect imagineable, some have had fewer side effects bur more severe and some, like me, seem to tolerate the Caelyx fairly well.  Like all treatments, we all react differently so I find it better to prepare for the worst and hopefully be pleasantly surprised.  
  • Hi @hope2022 Did you receive 6 cycles of treatment (I’m assuming) and at what point during your treatment were you monitored to make sure this combination of drugs is working? 
    thx Lucy
  • sorry for all the questions but I’m still so surprised to have my 1st recurrence so soon
  • No worries at all about questions. I know what that is like. Yes, I did receive 6 chemo treatments. I did have a CT scan after the third cycle and then approx. 6 weeks after the last one. My was for a recurrence as well. It's so difficult when a recurrence happens. 
  • The caelyx / carbo combination worked really well for me. 
  • Excellent news, I’m so happy for you.  I feel so much more @ ease in trying this new combination of chemo.  How often do they continue to monitor? 
  • My understanding is that I will be monitored with the CA 125 bloodtest. I may have a CT at some point, but I am in no hurry to have one. They create a lot of anxiety for me.
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