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In June 2020 I found out I have an Ovarian cancer recurrence after 5 1/2 years, that showed up in upper right side of my back, near heart valves. 
I had Endometrial cancer at the same time, discovered in May 2015. 
The chemo done in 2015 caused Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (very unusual) which was discovered by Bone marrow biopsy in June 2017. 
I had very heavy chemo in October 2017 to prepare for a Bone Marrow transplant, which caused my body to crash in November 2017. Kidney & liver failure. After struggling a year and half to build myself back up to walk, talk, eat and become functional again, I’m on dialysis 3x week with 12% kidney function. 
At this time they say they can’t operate on the ovarian cancer mass in my back, too dangerous. They don’t recommend chemo, as they expect with my weakened condition, it would do more harm than good. 
I had radiation in July 2020. By October a CT scan showed the mass had increased in size again, bigger than when discovered. 
Three weeks ago the oncologist started me on the hormone, oral chemo pill “Letrozole” to try shrink & slow down the growth. 
My question, after all this info, has anyone else used this medication? If so, was there positive effects from taking it? 
I appreciate any information you may have with this medication. 


  • Hello @VernaM - I'm only just reading your post and am so sorry for everything that you are going through at this time.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer and ovarian cancer early in 2020.  I had a mastectomy for the breast cancer in January and a hysterectomy in March followed by chemotherapy for the OC.  At the end of my chemo, I was put on Letrozole (an estrogen suppressor) for the breast cancer as adjuvant therapy - to lessen the chance of the breast cancer coming back, since my cancer was ER/PR positive.  I will have to be on it for the next 5 years.  Because it is an estrogen suppressor, I experience some typical menopause symptoms such as flushing and hot flashes, etc. 
    How are you doing with it? 

    I know you are dealing with a lot - and hope you are feeling better now and getting some of your strength back. Feel free to reach out if you need anything else.   
  • VernaM
    Hello Tinazzie, thank you for responding :)  I hope this medication works well for you and that the effects from it aren't too hard to handle.  I haven't experienced too much in side effects yet, I have had a couple episodes of hot flashes, nausea most every morning, which is effecting my appetite.  I've lost 5 pounds since January and I was trying to gain some back.  I've had constipation and now take meds for that.  I take Fentanyl and Hydromorphone for pain in my back.  I have the CT Scan scheduled for Mar.30th to see if there's been any changes while taking the Letrozole.  
    Summer is coming and we do a lot of camping and fishing, so I want to feel well again and enjoy the days ahead.