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  • Hello @Linda - welcome back and so glad you were able to go on that trip!
    Sending all the positive vibes your way!
  • Hello everyone ! And thank you @Flowergirl my trip was amazing! Scan was last Thursday night so anxiously waiting for result. Feeling pretty good and seem to have a bit more energy which is good.  How are you feeling ?
  • Hi @Skyelar12 How are you today ? 
  • Hi @terrylee How are you today ? 
  • I just spent 4 weeks in Scotland visiting family. It’s still quite Spring like there so I was wearing sweaters etc. It’s so nice to be home now and I’m lovin this summer weather ☀️
  • Signing off now ladies, and channeling positive wishes to everyone. Have a great week ☀️🦋
  • Welcome back @Linda
    Glad to hear it was a a great trip!
    I've got my times mixed up today.
    Hello @terrylee and @Skyelar12
  • FlowergirlFlowergirl Mod Vol
    Good evening everyone - hope you all were able to celebrate in your own way Canada Day! The weather looked fabulous across the country ... we are now really into Summer.  Hope you are all doing well as our days tend to be filled with more outside activities. 
  • Hello everyone 
    walk shirts are being sent soon if you have registered already

  • Good evening everyone...I'm mobile tonight and always have ahard time logging in.
    You are welcome to post any questions or concerns here and I'll check back in again later.

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