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  • CountryLiving
    CountryLiving Peer Support Vol
    Great connecting with everyone tonight as well. Good night!
  • Hi @Bluebird. I’m doing alright. Had chemo 4 last week and finally climbing out of the fatigue. My son started virtual kindergarten in French this week so we are doing that. It’s challenging but a good distraction. Trying to also enjoy any time outside that the weather permits. My mother in law also arrived yesterday to help out. So a lot of changes. My struggle is always trying to stay in the present. Some days are easier than others. How are you?
  • @nadiaC..I'm glad that your 4th treatment is behind sounds like your doing all the right things for kind to yourself are balancing family , school, chemo, COVID...that's amazing without the cancer and chemo.  ❤
  • Hi everyone,
    @Flowergirl is taking a break from moderating this chat and unfortunately, I am  not available this evening.  Please connect with each other as usual - thanks and talk soon!
  • @flowergirl@nadiac - Thinking of you both ... prayers and blessings are with you! 
  • CountryLiving
    CountryLiving Peer Support Vol
    Good evening @kattie666

  • Hello everyone...just checking in and out tonight..but I hope those who have had a treatment are doing well..those who are going through difficult time, I'm sending positive thoughts ..stay kind to yourself...❤
  • Hi everyone. Tuesday always sneaks up on me and it’s already so late. Popping in to send you all positivity, courage, and strength. I’m feeling very low energy today, possibly because of low magnesium. Taking a supplement and loading up on pumpkin seeds to see if I perk up again. It’s way past bedtime already so I’m going to drink my tumeric milk and hit the sack. Wishing you all courage and peace. 
  • Hi @beachgirl...hope you’re doing well.
  • CountryLiving
    CountryLiving Peer Support Vol
    Good evening ladies
  • Hello @CountryLiving and @kattie666...and all of our sisters..I seem to arrive to our chat late ..lots...I dont know if I'll get to chat with you  again this week..I wish for you and your families a wonderful Thanksgiving..
  •  @Bluebird thank you!  I wish you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving as well!  I get to "ring the bell" on Friday this week.  So thankful for my sister who has been my driver for 4 of my treatments!
  • @kattie666..congratulations on your completion of treatment..It is a huge accomplishment!!
  • Congratulations @kattie666 on finishing your treatments! How nice that your sister was with you for many of them. I am waiting for treatment 5 right now. Hoping all goes well 😊
  • Hi @nadiaC..congratulations to you on treatment had such a difficult time with the first couple..I'm so glad that you are able to tolerate these..have a great thanksgiving,!  And treatment!...good thoughts your way.
  • @kattie666 Awesome news about ringing the bell! Be sure they can hear it everywhere!
  • @nadiaC hope to see you on our live chat tomorrow.... to hear #5 went well.  @nadiaC and @kattie666 you're in the home stretch now gals......ring that bell on Friday kattie666 so we can all hear it and celebrate with you.  nadiaC we'll be looking to do another happy dance with you soon too!
  • Hi @Fearless - Vol Mod @Bluebird and everyone here. Treatment 5 is in the bag. It started 2 hr late, but no allergic reaction which is the thing I always dread. Docitaxel also seems to produce less hair loss than paclitaxel. My head is covered in a brown and white fuzz. Finally, my CA 125 is 13. I know it’s just one indicator and my CT scan is the first week of November which will provide the most definitive information. But I’m yearning for optimism and hopefulness. 

    Oh and I read on newswire that niraparib has been approved by health Canada as a first line maintenance therapy for advanced OC. I feel like there should be a major announcement on this site! 
  • wahoo to the new available drug !!!  And  for you to have #5 behind you.😊 and your ca125 13...good for you...
  • Thanks @Bluebird Your excitement put a big smile on my face. ❤️
  •'ve come a long way from your first treatment.  I am excited for you ❤
  • @nadiaC Awesome news.  Not only 5 down and 1 to go, but reasonably effortless this time.  Let's hope #6 goes the same way.  That said, even better is your low CA.  Yes, we all agree it's not a definitive indicator and it's the scan that 'really counts" but I have to admit I've not found many women in my circle whose CA's during chemo were low and the scans not reflect a NED (no evidence of disease) result.  So hang in gal. It's almost over and like we'll all be ringing that bell, virtually, with @kattie666 tomorrow I expect we'll be doing the same with you very soon.

    As for the Niraparib/Zejula, it was approved in Canada back in  June 2019 for recurrent, advanced HGSE cancer. and now , as of 3 days ago, in Canada for first line treatment. 

    I'm not sure whether that means it's now fully available or this is the first step in getting it into the various provincial rosters. I'll see if I can get more information to share. 

    However,  OVdialogue is not generally the forum for these announcements; they generally come through the OCC newsletter they share with their subscribers.  If you haven't subscribed to receive the newsletter, here's the link:  Most recently (September 30) they communicated a series of 4 new trials being launched through the newsletter, on the OCC Facebook site and their website :  I would expect they will use the same channels to share any information on the new niraparib/zejula approvals once they have all of the respect information in hand.
  • hi @Fearless - Vol Mod thanks for the encouragement and also the important information about the newsletter. I will subscribe to it. Hope you’re well 😊
  • I rang that bell LOUD AND PROUD!!!

  • Came home to this beauty surprise!

    The lawn sigh says "NO ONE FIGHTS ALONE"  The t'shirts say "In this family no one fights alone..... These are family members from Nova Scotia to British Columbia!! Feeling the love!!
  • Fearless_Moderator
    Fearless_Moderator Moderator
    edited October 2020
    @kattie666 I'm sitting here wiping the tears from my face...tears of joy for you.  You're entering this new phase in your journey with so much love around you and coming from everywhere in the country....please include our family here as part of that group cheering you on.  Woot, woot, got this gal. Congratulations!  And now I'll get up from my laptop and go do my famous Happy Dance in your honour.   <3
  • @kattie666...wahoo!!!🥳🥳  congrats on your bell ringing...and your accomplishment..
  • Congratulations @kattie666!! What a beautiful tribute from your family. 😊🧡
  • Hi All, 
    Hopefully you've noted our Tuesday live online chat has been suspended for now.  Unfortunately Flowergirl has had to step back from her moderator role, and our OCC lead, Marilyn Sapsford, is retiring this week and her replacement has yet to be identified. Marilyn had been providing back up in Flowergirl's absence.  I wish I was able to step in as a stop gap but unfortunately my plate is full right now.  

    The Thursday afternoon live online chat will continue, however, at 1pm EST and we will revisit the Tuesday slot once the changes in leadership have been sorted out.  

    Apologies to all who participate on Tuesdays for any inconvenience.  Hope you are able to join us on Thursdays.