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    @MarilynOCC Moderator  No I did not...hopefully next year. I am still new to all this. 
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    @MarilynOCC Moderator saw my oncologist last week. She was glad to hear about OCC and that I chat on the discussions. She said it is a great group and has to continue to grow.  
  • @CountryLiving Of course.  It certainly was quite different but people seemed to have a good time and there was a real sense of connection with people across the country during the online closing ceremonies.  Who  knows what will happen next year!

    Is there anything on your mind tonight?
  • @CountryLiving That's great.  Did your doctor know about OCC before you mentioned it?  If not, maybe they would be interested to know about our guides as well - By Your Side and Still By Your Side.

    I gather that your appointment went well?
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    No Im doing fine thank you. Started taichi/dance tone virtually today and love it! great for stretching, building up  my quads and cardio. I was referred to a post treatment ransition team and they have set me up with a kinesioligist to do an exercise program. One week in and so far so good. I have had a rough time with chemo and getting back my strength back after. My legs still ache and burn so need to do exercise to help. I had my 6 month post chemo check and blood work and all it great! I am told I am doing well. I am relieved and grateful to get that news.
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    @MarilynOCC Moderator how are you tonight? Tell me about your walk
  • Hi @MarilynOCC Moderator...I did participate in the walk...my sister came with me...but I have to say that it's not the same..not the same atmosphere as the big group walks...there is so much emotion, excitement, support and you feel it in the walk...I love that my family and friends unconditionally support me but I really missed sharing this part with them..
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    well if no one is here I will go and watch the final of Americas got talent on tv. I will check back in a few minutes.
  • Hi @CountryLiving..happy officially fall today
  • Hello Everyone 
  • Hi @love2run..I hope your last chemo goes well for you...and you get your rash sorted out...do what you need to do for you...that's the most important thing when you're going thru this...
  • @CountryLiving taichi/dance tone???  Wow, never heard of that.  It sounds really interesting as it includes stretching, cardio etc.  I'm going to google it.  They do say that exercise will help your recovery - glad to hear that you check up and blood work is all good!  Yes, you must be relieved.  Tests, appointments etc. can always be anxiety producing...

    I am doing well thanks.  I took some vacation the end of August and now back.  Not travelling very far these days but it was good to have a break from work.  

    The walk is usually in about 35-40 communities across Canada.  It is a 5 km walk that brings the ovarian cancer community together in each of these locations.  Each walk is organized by a volunteer committee.  Obviously, we could not do in person gatherings this year but people were very creative about how they handled their plans.  Some people walked on their own or with a small group of friends, ran, walked on a treadmill, etc.  People took phots and videos and posted them on our social media.  We had a live stream kick off on Facebook for each of our 5 regions across the country and then at 3pm ET, we had a national closing event, including stories, music etc.  It really went quite well.

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    Hello @Bluebird and @love2run... how are you both feeling tonight?
  • The rash is still a problem but I have found some drugs to stop the pain.  My oncologist is looking into the drug Zejula to see if I will qualify for the program.  It’s supposed to stop the cancer progressing
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    @MarilynOCC Moderator yes covid is hurting fundraising for many charities. I did see some pics on facebook..looked like those that participated enjoyed their day.
  • Hi @Bluebird and @love2run  Yes, @Bluebird, the walk was certainly not the same as doing it in person.
  • Hi @nadiaC...how are you doing?  I hope your chemo went well and your doing well..
  • I'm glad that your sister was with you at least.  Did you tune in to the closing event?
  • Hi @Flowergirl..I know your taking care of yourself...I'm sending you good energy and thoughts your way  ❤
  • @CountryLiving  Yes, fund raising has been challenging but we are so grateful that our community really came together even in these difficult times to participate.  I think we will be announcing totals soon.
  • @love2run.  sorry to hear about this rash you have been dealing with!  

    It would be great if you qualify for Zejula.  They have seen some good results with this drug.
  • @MarilynOCC Moderator hi! So glad to see you. Tuesday’s are a busy night for me so I usually catch on late - or just read it all later. 
    Our walk went well. Our team has surpassed its goal so we are all over the moon. 
  • @MarilynOCC Moderator..No I didnt see the closing ceremonies..I spent a lovely day after the walk with family...I think a fair amount of money was raised though even still virtual..
  • @Bluebird Yes, we were excited to see the amount that was being raised across the country.

    @UnPickNot.  Congratulations on surpassing your team goal!  That's awesome!  How did you do it being virtual?
  • Hi @UnPickNot..glad you made it..I too have troubles some tuesdays connecting ...sometimes I'm late because of work...I have to say a happy officially fall today...its lovely out..
  • @Bluebird This week is supposed to nice in Toronto too and then getting cold.  We all better take advantage of it while we can ! :)
  • @UnPickNot..I didnt really have a goal with the walk...but family and friends came thru  and I'm so grateful..
  • This is the summer we didnt have this summer🤣😂
  • @Bluebird @UnPickNot @love2run @CountryLiving

    Great to connect with you tonight!  Thanks for popping in! :)  Signing off now.
  • Goodnight everyone.  Be kind to yourself..❤
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