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  • Hello - it is a quiet night - how are you doing?
    @red1976 - are you around as well?
  • I am good. Enjoying a night in thanks to freezing rain otherwise I would of taken advantage of the nice weather and going for an evening walk. Netflix it is! How are you this evening?
  • Hi - yes, the weather all across the provinces sure is making getting outdoors challenging.
    Hockey night it is - covered under blankets. I'm doing ok thank you.

  • Howdy @AmandaRoseRebs! Hope you are doing well and thank you for stopping in tonight.
  • @Flowergirl hey! Doing well  :) Hockey night over here too lol Hope all's well!
  • Hi everone! Sorry just woke up from a nap. Not good seeing as it's 10pm here!!! Whoops!
  • Since there are a few of us on the site all at once - yes!!!! - what is the one thing that you need now? (and it doesn't have to be related to your condition)

  • @Flowergirl Right now I just need rest (which I'm getting). On top of chemo #1, I'm fighting a sinus infection. Ouch they hurt!!! 
  • Aren't the germs horrible right now? Every single kid I look after (I have a home daycare) is coughing or has a runny nose and one just got over a stomach bug. Somehow I managed to escape so far and I hope it stays that way! Right now, I need to stay healthy! :p

  • I'm just seeing the new website format on my phone....I didn't get alerts on my emails for comments. Maybe just some kinks??
  • yes, @red1976 and @terrylee - I am trying to get over this cold cough sinus thing also
    My son shared it with me....

  • So that is what I need also - a good night's sleep. I noticed the format change also on the site, thought maybe it was just me.

  • Good night everyone - looking forward to the next live chat on Tuesday January 16 @ 7:00 PM CST
    and "see" you around the topics.
  • Hello! Good evening everyone - thank you for stopping by the chat tonight @Gemstone @Falcons
    How is everyone today?

  • Hi @red1976 - hope you are feeling ok tonight.
    Hello @Kitty, @CanaryBird @midcanada @CurlyHair @terrylee - we are on the live chat now if you are around also
  • Hi !  Feeling hmmm not sure,  lots of emotion today.  Oncology appointment today @ Hospital.  You ? 

  • Hello! I'm doing well, how is everyone else?
  • Hi everyone! How are you feeling @KarenL? I hope you're relaxing in your hotel room!!
  • @Flowergirl Doing ok!  Just putting one foot in front of the other every day :) 
  • Often, it is so difficult for us - the physical issues and the emotional issues, a heavy load. We are here for you @Falcons, and everyone else. 
    It is cold here on the prairies - what is the one fun thing you are doing tonight?
    And, what is the one thing you need to get through today?

  • Good to hear @red1976... yes, that is a good way to approach. 
    For fun tonight, I'm redoing my address book - old school - need to have a back up!
    And, I need a good night's sleep again - going to try early to bed - the cold is now almost gone for me but my hubby has it and kept me up last night!
  • @KarenL just realizing I had the wrong Karen! Sorry!!! You probably thought I was off my rocker! 

    @KarenMari53 - I hope you had some fun with your frieND today and will be thinking of you tmrw!
  • @Flowergirl My hubby also has a cold and is keeping me up!!!! Why is it that it's always worse for them???? Lol

  • Fun - eating pizza with my hunny & chatting.  Reminding myself i have a great team that is on the right track.  
  • @red1976...we have had a good day, thanks. We are at the hotel, had pizza and junk food for dinner and are watching sitcoms. Good "night before chemo".
  • Yes, @red1976 man cold - it is a real thing!
    Wishing you the best @Falcons and @KarenMari53
  • Thanks @Flowergirl. First chemo is a little nerve wracking but I'm trying to stay calm.
  • Understandable @KarenMari53... is there anything we can offer to help perhaps calm your nerves? Ask away if you wish...  :)
  • Do you have a chemo kit?  - soft blanket, pillow, hand cream, coloring book, etc. - pack along anything that provides comfort,may help.