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  • Sorry, I have to check out now. Was nice to catch up briefly. Until next time.
  • good to hear @Shortone... yes, that is the important part - to try and function.
    My last few days have been bed to couch and back :/
  • I'm close behind you @Shortone!
    Hi @nadiaC - hope you are managing ok today!
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    Hello! Just came in from a wonderful walk..

  • Nice- I wish this weather would stretch for a few months - it is like we just get into it and then boom, fall is around the corner. When I can, I've been in my garden - so nice to see the growth and all ofthe wildlife that visits.
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    Yes it does seem that summer was too short. Hot but too short. 
  • sorry ladies, I have to hit the shower and the bed.. fingers crossed tomorrow is a better day.
    I'll check back in again throughout the week - perhaps join you on the Thursday chat
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    Hello @kattie666 and @Scarstef and @Flowergirl small group tonight

  • Hello from Montreal to everyone online for Teal Tuesday @Flowergirl @Shortone @Scarstef. Sorry you're not feeling too great @Flowergirl. It will pass and you'll bounce back soon. @Shortone good to hear you're functioning well. My chemo on Aug 5 seems like a long time ago. The fatigue was rough and my taste buds still aren't back to normal. Getting mentally geared up for cycle 3 on Aug 26

  • Hi @Bluebird Hi @CountryLiving - I hope you're both doing well. 
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    Bonjour @nadiaC Hang tough ladies going through chemo!  Fatigue is hard to fight through but it does get better. Give in and find something to enjoy while lying around...netflix, reading or just being strong. It does get better but it takes patience and time.
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    Hello @Bluebird how are you doing|?
  • Thanks @CountryLiving. I try to read while lying around, or listen to podcasts or meditations. The thing about the fatigue that gets me is that my husband is juggling work, childcare and taking care of me, while I barely have energy to move. 
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    @nadiaC yes it is hard to watch our husbands pick up and do all that is needed. My husband did the same thing. How blessed we are for them to do that. I know this cancer affects our whole family. It is good for your children that your husband is doing the childcare so that their day is not changed to much.  You would do it if you could. And he knows that. Believe, and you will get better.
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    The power here is flickering on and off. Time for me to say good night and look forward to chatting again next week. Take care. 
  • Hello All.  Had chemo Aug 7 th, still recovering.  Mainly fatigue and lack of appetite.  Had a CTscan, not great.  The cancer is still there after four chemo sessions, perhaps they will try a different drug
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    Hello @love2run sorry to hear about your CT scan results. Yes lets hope a different drug will get it. Hang in there and continue to be strong. 
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    @love2run what chemo were you on? 
  • I’m on Calix.  It’s my third time beating back cancer in the last two years.  I was doing carbo platin, but my last recurrence was 1.5 months after treatment stopped so I’m platinum sensitive now.
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    @love2run you are definitely a teal fighter!!!
  • Hi to everyone...@flowergirl, @nadiaC , @CountryLiving , @cbot ,@love2run, @Shortone ....and all who I have not mentioned.   Its sounds like some of you are not having a great week..some things have gone a little sideways..its supposed to be a new moon and usually with it brings good change..stay strong..
  • Hi @Shortone..I'm sorry that your having such a hard time..hey if the hydromorphone works for you...use it...it helped me get through the first several days of every  treatments..I had such awful muscle pain in my legs and it was my drug of choice.. 😊
  • @love2run..sorry to hear about your CT scan results..stay strong....I'm sure your cancer team is finding a solution for your next treatment..
  • Hi @nadiaC..I hope that your doing well..getting through this chemo..and fatigue...I know it sounds backwards..but I was told that you have to keep moving, doing things, it will help the fatigue..even exercise....
  • Sorry I vanished there for a bit. Chatting with my husband who it feels I haven’t seen in days. Good night teal sisters! Stay strong and be well 💪🏼♥️
  • Hi @CountryLiving..how are you doing? .I'm doing well..I just had my 6 month checkup...so far so good...I hate to say I'm doing well as I dont want to jinx myself..its weird..I didnt ring the bell at the end of treatment...I dont like to use the word remission...or NED....🤞
  • @Bluebird I can see how that advice is good. A portion of my fatigue feels mental. I’m overwhelmed and just want to stay in bed. So forcing myself to get up and do things helps. How are you doing? Hope all’s well! 
  • Hi @nadiaC..I'm good..my 6 month check went well..I dont want to jinx myself....even now almost a year out from treatment I still have fatigue...I try and keep busy..work..I'm having some med adjustments to see if that helps my fatigue but it hangs on..you're right it's a mental challenge to do things your supposed to when you feel you cant ...be kind to yourself..its a tough fight what you and your body has to go through to fight this...
  • Hi everyone
    i am having some treatment and issues tonight so I will check back again later
    thank you all for your best wishes
    hope everyone is managing 
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