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  • BluebirdBluebird ✭✭
    Hi to everyone..I made it early enough tonight..I found that my difficult times after chemo started probably within 12 hours..with muscle pain... I had a really good friend who cracked the whip and forced me to get moving..walking..and that helped lots for me...the drugs weren't too bad either 🤣🤣😂😂😉
  • @Bluebird - wow your muscle pains start quickly - mine started between 36-48 hours after. Yes, my husband nagged at me to get up and move and it does help.
  • BluebirdBluebird ✭✭
    @kattie666..glad your doing well..popsicles as many as you want..you earned it...you deserve it..
  • Goodnight ladies! Good to connect with each of you. Til next time!
  • BluebirdBluebird ✭✭
    @kastoyles...I would get really hot and flushed soon after chemo...and I was told that it was a reaction to chemo...would start taking benedryl for about 48 hours..and that really helped...it all sounds bad but really I did ok...it was just a few glitches..i would sit on my tub chair in the shower and let warm water run over me..it was relaxing..
  • @bluebird, I just got back from my evening walk. I try to walk every day no matter what. May not feel like it at first, but I'm glad that I did so, every time!
  • I'm signing off as well. Thanks to all and take care!
  • BluebirdBluebird ✭✭
    @cbot..you are right...sometimes the hardest part is to get started on that walk..but I'm so glad that you do it...good for you being motivated to do it.  😊
  • Good night everyone - the rain is starting and I have a few tasks to attend to outside.
    Looking forward to seeing you back here next week and anytime around the site
    Hope you all have a great week!
  • Hi everyone! I’m not sure if teal Tuesday is still live but I wanted to say a big hello to all my sisters. I’m on day 5 after my first chemo and all the tips and support I got from sisters here was amazing. My indulgences have been ice cream and books, and I’ve let the house get messy because cleaning can wait 😊
  • I signed off a while ago @nadiaC but I just saw your post. Glad the support was helpful. I'm finding the same great support as I head into round 3 this Thursday. Take care!
  • You got this @cbot! We will be thinking of you on Thursday 💪🏼
  • BluebirdBluebird ✭✭
    @nadiaC..you go girlfriend...look after yourself first and eat all the ice cream you want....house cleaning can always wait
  • BluebirdBluebird ✭✭
    @cbot...good luck with cycle 3...good thoughts your way😊
  • Good evening @Bluebird and those in  "viewing only mode"
  • Good evening to all, including @Flowergirl!
  • BluebirdBluebird ✭✭
    Hello @flowergirl and all the teal sisters...am I in viewing only mode?
  • BluebirdBluebird ✭✭
    @flowergirl...I hadn't seen any activity tonight and usually I'm late...am I in the right mode?😁🤣😂
  • Hi @Bluebird - no you are not - we can see you are here and your comments.
    Sometimes people just view the site without logging in is what I meant and if you don't see the little round icon of those logged to the chat it will indicate +5 more

    Hello @cbot!
  • Hello @Bluebird and @Flowergirl. How has the past week been for you?
  • we have 5 or more guests in viewing mode- welcome everyone and please take a few moments to review all the new comments on the recent discussions 
    Also, note that there are 6 pages of discussions you can review at your leisure 
  • Good evening ladies!  Round two done!  Round three next week!  Just chillin'.  Still surprised at how lucky I have been with tolerating the side effects..... touch wood.... don't want to jinx it!  
  • hello @kattie666
  • For anyone that missed the excellent webinar on Hope
    You can watch it here:
    Be sure to scroll down on that page as well as there are many recorded sessions that have been so helpful.
    I've reviewed a few of them a couple times!
  • Hello @nadiaC
  • Hi @kattie666! Glad you have been tolerating the treatments. I finished round 3 last Thursday. Feeling a bit more tired this time round.
  • Hi @cbot  I was more tired after #2 than #1 as well.  Some nausea but not too bad!  Kicking cancer's a$$!!!
  • BluebirdBluebird ✭✭
    Hello @cbot my weeks been great..how about yours?  😊
    Hello @kattie666..good to hear all is going well for you...here's to your 3rd next week🥳
  • BluebirdBluebird ✭✭
    Hello @nadiaC...is your 2nd cycle coming up?
  • Hello everyone! Hope you’re all having a great evening. I just put my son to bed. Noticed today that my hair’s starting to fall out. Feeling a bit sad
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