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Teal Tuesdays - Live Online Chat! (Discontinued indefinitely)



  • CountryLiving
    CountryLiving Peer Support Vol
    lovely visiting with everyone....lets talk again next Tuesday
  • @flowergirl you are so right about staying connected either by these forums or other technologies.  My support group has remained connected with Zoom.  Get to see everyone and chat in the comfort of my pajamas.
  • Hello @bluebird and @jackie and all you other lovely ladies!  @ralanda, yes I have attended some of the local support group meetings, as well as meetings/events in both Regina and Watrous.  We may well have met before.  I am in remission as of November last year after 2 surgeries and 2 series' of chemo.
  • @bluebird, how terrific that your support group remains in contact!  What a great idea!  The whole 'jammies' thing is a special perk of Covid I'm finding, LOL!

  • Oh, I finally see the smiley face icons!  Just as you described @flowergirl :-).  
  • Great for all of us to connect at the same time - next week, if we have this many participants on as well - we can pick a topic to chat about if you wish... feel free to post here or under a specific category that is of interest to you.

    It is all good - You will soon get the hang of this @Fearless and @maggiemae and everyone.
    The chat itself is not as instant as we would like.

    If you look at the right side, under the list of categories, you may see "Who's Online in this Category" or you can watch for the posts. Oh and you may need to click on the home button (located at the top of the topic page) periodically to refresh to see the updated conversation.... darn, we deal with the constraints of the system!

  • Lovely to 'visit' here ladies...I'll say good night for now and may you all stay safe and well this coming week. Virtual hugs to each of you. 
  • I usually plan to stay on for about hour - hope you all have a great night and the rest of the week goes  well.
    Feel free to post here or around the site as needed. There are so many tips and supports and stories under all the categories if you have chance to review. You can also use the search field at the top right to view a topic or concern.
    I'm off to enjoy the last of our good weather today before the rain sets in. Goodnight everyone  :)
  • I'm so glad to have connected with all of you tonight. Stay safe.  Goodnight.  Until our next chat
  • Just a couple of "new to the live chat" observations from my first attempt last night.  @Flowergirl, perhaps you can share some of your expertise so my next try is more effective. Or maybe there are some guidelines to participating in the chat that I missed somewhere.  
    * I couldn't find the Smiley  referred to that would have enabled me to see who was on line.  Looking in the wrong place or is a delayed pop up?  
    * Every single comment replicated into my emails and, have to admit it, drove me nuts last night after I'd signed out.  I think I have reset my notifications to avoid this in future but not sure.
    * Has there ever been consideration to running one of these during daytime hours and providing an alternative where the current time slot may not be optimal.  Personally, 8pm EST for me is a bit awkward.  If I having a good day, it's precious time with my family.   If I'm having a "bad" day, fatigue has kicked in by then and I'm either too dozy or I've already fallen asleep.  
    Sorry for taking up everyone's time with my struggles.  But thought there might be some newbies who might also have the same questions or challenges. I love the opportunity to chat real-time with everyone so hoping next Tuesday I'll be more into the swing of it. 
  • kastoyles
    edited June 2020
    @flowergirl I agree with @fearless with regard to timing of the chat, perhaps one now and then during the day would enable, or encourage, more people to join. Of course, I could be entirely wrong...LOL

    I also had all of the comments show up in my inbox. I changed my notification preferences this morning and cleaned out all the comments, so we'll see what happens next time. Having said that, I received notification of fearless's comments after I turned off the notification..hhmmm...
  • @kastoyles, I got the notification of your comment in my email but I think because you "@ me on your comment, which would make sense.  I didn't @" you in mine so maybe you turned off the wrong notification.  Not sure I did the right one either so, as you said, we'll see.  Just little bumps we'll get through as we become more familiar with the live chat process.  It wouldn't be any fun if it was too easy, eh?  LOL.
  • @Fearless I have all email notifications turned off except  when people mention me and private messages, but I am still getting email notifications of any posts.
  • Me too! Just the last couple days!
  • Hi everyone - Wild Wednesday!
    You can click on edit profile and then the notification button on the right to edit your preferences
  • Alternatively, you can set up under "rules" or "move" regarding messages in your email 
  • @kastoyles I pretty well removed all the check marks on the email column under notifications and thought that had fixed the problem but seems not.  Got a notification that someone had commented on a post I hadn't any involvement in at all.  So will keep trying.  @Flowergirl how do I find "rules" and "move"?
  • @fearless @flowergirl @kastoyles I'm getting all the notifications from all first I thought that I I know that's not true..I just  havent clicked the off  button somewhere🥴 maybe we could have a conversation on the how toos!  
  • @flowergirl - I created a filter in my gmail account so all the emails go directly to a folder and by pass my inbox. This influx of emails has just happened within the last couple of weeks, so I'm not sure what the change is to the OVD site. Do you have any ideas?
  • Hi @Flowergirl - thanks for taking the time to sort out how best we can all use the Teal Tuesdays!  I agree with some of the comments from others, (e.g. @Fearless and @kastoyles) about the timing, for those of us on the other side! Also like your suggestion about narrowing down the topic(s) for discussion when there many participants. I think that would be helpful - for those of us starting on this journey and those who have traveled on that path and can offer their support and advice on the selected topics.   
    Thanks again for all your efforts in this and other supports...appreciate it all.
  • Hi everyone,
    @Marilyn has changed the preferences to reduce the notifications
  • Hi all,
    Great to see Teal Tuesday activity @Flowergirl @CountryLiving @Bluebird @maggiemae@Fearless @kastoyles - great idea about offering a regular daytime Teal chat!  Would the 2 of you be interested in being involved with this?   Maybe others will be interested as well in a daytime opportunity?  Maybe Teal Thursdays or there may be other ideas and titles that you would like to suggest.  Maybe try it for a month and see how it goes?
  • Hello everyone :-) 
    I like the chats but I don't like the way every single message goes to my email.  It frustrates me to the point that I want to delete everything without looking.  :-(  Is there a way to not get the emails?  And perhaps just a reminder email of when the discussions will be happening?  I've looked into notifications and I've tried to turn the emails off but I don't seem to be having any luck.
    I like the daytime ideal.  By the end of the day, I'm so exhausted.  
  • My e-mail is completely bombarded as well with messages for every single comment made on OVdialogue.  I've also re-set the notifications, but am still receiving all comments in my in-box.  It IS frustrating and, as has been said above, leads me to just want to delete them without looking.  I'd be in for daytime chats!  Best to all, M.
  • Hi
    I'm sorry that you are having such issues with the notifications! I can understand your frustration.

    @djapj - I can see on the back end of the site that email notifications are still ticked in your profile.  Are you saying that you have changed those and it didn't work?  Did you click save at the bottom of the page when you made the changes? If you did these things and it didn't work, perhaps we can connect more directly and I can try and help you.

    @maggiemae. I have reset some notifications in your profile today so hopefully you will not be receiving as many emails.  Please check your notification settings again to make sure they are set up the way you want.

    @Fearless and @kastoyles - looks like there is interest in a daytime chat :)

  • Hello @MarilynOCC
    I have tried adjusting my notifications again.  Please feel free to see if the adjustment worked.  I appreciate it very much!!!
  • I'm still getting everyone's messages..
  • @MarilynOCC, glad to hear you're receptive to trying out a daytime slot for the online chat.  If by "the two of you" meant me and @kastoyles to facilitate it happening I'm happy to be involved.   From my perspective would like to try the evening sessions a couple of times more. Being new to the chat, I need to get a bit more comfortable and work out any bugs I might be experiencing if that's ok.  I think kastoyles is in a similar boat in terms of learning to effectively navigate the features so that might work for her too. kastoyles, your thoughts?
  • Hello @Shorn64 and everyone... Perhaps try to go back in and confirm the specific changes - so deselect the check box where you do not want to receive email notifications.... the important step is to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click save changes button. You can log out and then log back in to see what has changed. 

    Something to consider and please set up your profile on how it will be best for you... if you set up to have no email notifications, you would need to visit the website to find out when there are new posts, comments or @mentions of your name. To edit your profile
    • click on your username in top right corner of the screen after you have logged in to OVdialogue. This takes you to your profile.
    • click on the icon to the right of your name that looks like a person
    • click edit profile - on the right hand side of the screen you will see edit notification preferences 
    • click on that and you can now see - change how you want to be notified.  "Pop up" means that you will see notifications when you log into the site. (top right corner)  (note: the mail icon is for private messages.  the globe icon indicates notifications)
    Hope this helps you all - great to see all the connections happening :)
  • Oh dear @fearless and @MarilynOCC - I didn't have aspirations of facilitating an afternoon chat....LOL - I was just agreeing with a suggestion. I don't mind participating when able, but my schedule is too erratic to commit. Perhaps one of our other Teal Sisters would be able to help out. Thanks!