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  • CountryLiving
    CountryLiving Peer Support Vol
    Hello lovely ladies

  • Hello CountryLiving!  How are you?

  • CountryLiving
    CountryLiving Peer Support Vol
    Good thank.... beautiful night here.

  • CountryLiving
    CountryLiving Peer Support Vol
    How are you?

  • Doing well, thank you.   Grey day here and a bit cool, but all is well.  Good day for relaxing.  I'm glad I caught this at the right time.  Apparently, here in SK we are CST, but we don't do daylight savings time, so it's actually 6:20 pm here.

  • Are we the only two here so far?

  • First time on and not sure I'm getting how to connect with everyone.
  • Hi @fearless, my first time too :-)

  • @flowergirl, I just looked 'back' one page and 'saw' you here too; hello :-).  Am I doing this properly?  ie, are we supposed to see everyone all at once, or one person's typed message at a time?
  • CountryLiving
    CountryLiving Peer Support Vol
    Hello...Im here too

  • CountryLiving
    CountryLiving Peer Support Vol
    My time is 8:25 now...sun is setting
  • Fearless_Moderator
    Fearless_Moderator Moderator
    edited June 2020
    Good to hear @maggiemae. I won't feel so alone with how hopeless I am at this.  Not sure if I'm doing something wrong but not picking up a stream dialogue the way I'm used to seeing it in a chat room.  Think I'll sign off and look for some guidance tomorrow rather than intrude on any conversations in play right  now.
  • hello everyone
    You'll notice who is logged in a the right side with the icon "Smiley faces"
  • Am sitting in my living room watching birds feeding at the bird feeder just outside the window...lovely.  I hope you have a beautiful sunset :-)

  • Feel free to post here or around the site 
    What was the best part of today for you?
    I loved our summer weather - finally!
  • Signing off.  Guess too much on my mind today....
  • I have to say the best part of the day was sleeping in, LOL, and then enjoying a cafe mocha while playing 'words with friends' with by brother in ON.  My hubby bought us a small hot tub and set it up yesterday afternoon,  We stayed up late sitting in it and watching the stars last night...very relaxing, so I slept in like a baby today :-)
  • CountryLiving
    CountryLiving Peer Support Vol
    Yes this weather is absolutely beautiful...I took advantage of it and sat outside in a comfortable hammock and read..took time for myself!  What has everyone else done today?
  • Anyone seen any good movies lately?

  • You are all fabulous @maggiemae and @Fearless... sometimes there is a lag or delay in posting because participants may be typing / or reading catching up within the other topics.
  • @maggiemae Where in SK are you? I'm in Saskatoon 
  • glad you had a relaxing time @CountryLiving and @maggiemae - those activities sound relaxing for sure (I've been watching some of the summer romance movies on the TV- many repeats but good for some distraction!
    hope you have a great night @Fearless and thanks for stopping by @Bluebird and @Shorn64 :)
  • Hi @ralanda I'm about 20 minutes outside of Saskatoon.  We live on a small acreage but work in the city (though I'm not working right now and my husband is working from home).
  • @maggiemae have you attended any of the local support group meetings?
    How far are you in your journey? I'm wondering if we've met before. 
  • Hello @Ralanda and @Jackie - hope things are going well for you this evening.

    As in person support groups were put on hold since March, we are grateful for this forum and technologies of today to help connect with each other during this difficult time. If you are able to, please reach out to your fellow in-person support group participants (if you have their contacts by email or phone) to let them know that OVdialogue is here and open 24/7. 

  • I'm a little late..but hello to everyone enjoying the evening with all of us!
  • I'm doing pretty good. 
    I gave up on teaching my kid at home last week and things are going much better now.
    Enjoying the warmer weather, not so much the wind, and planted out first 'garden' this year. My kid is so excited to see everything grow (as am I. I can not wait for fresh peas, beans, and more) 
  • @flowergirl, thank you for explaining.  I don't see any smiley faces or a list of people logged in on the right.  I've never been in a chat room of any kind before, so really have no idea how to properly engage here.  But I hope I'm not intruding on anyone's conversations...please forgive me ladies and accept my sincere apology If I am! @fearless, I hope you are doing okay and that you have a peaceful evening.   
  • CountryLiving
    CountryLiving Peer Support Vol
    Hello @bluebird and @ralanda
  • Hello everyone.