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  • Hello @linda and @kastoyles
  • Hi ladies ! Just stopping by to say hello. And I hope you are all doing well.
    Enjoying the milder weather while I’m recovering from radiation for a recurrence that was causing pain. Fingers crossed it works. Won’t find out for another few weeks coz we have to let the radiation work so they scheduled a scan for June 20. In the meantime I’m ok to travel, so I’m going over to Scotland to visit my sister and family. My nephew and wife just had a baby girl in February so Great Auntie Linda will be holding her in a couple of weeks - I can’t wait !! 
  • doing well thanks! Had a scare with a recent mammogram. Had to have a retake today and the spot is gone!
  • Hi @kastoyles that’s great news ! 😊
  • enjoy your trip! when do you leave?
  • great to hear  that relief @kastoyles
    So glad you are able to travel @Linda - that is fantastic!
  • @Linda - yes I'm quite relieved. We are moving on June 1st and have enough on my plate right now.
  • World Ovarian Cancer Day is tomorrow- seems there are more awareness activities going on which is somewhat of a progress.

  • @Flowergirl most definitely. Glad to hear of the funding for research as well! Still not enough awareness and we need to keep spreading the word.
  • Thanks @Flowergirl  I’m over the moon (this is my plan B) I took your advice 😀
  • I typed Plan b but somehow got the sunglasses dude - lol !
  • @Linda when were you diagnosed?
  • It’s been a long day so I’m going to say Night Night ladies. Keep well, and have a great week ☀️🦋
  • @Linda @Flowergirl - me too. Have a good night ladies.
  • I just missed you all I guess. I seem to come late to the party. Have a great week everyone. And remember to wear teal tomorrow! I already have my T-shirt our and ready. 
  • @UnPickNot - Yes will be sure to wear teal! Have a great week!
  • Hi @UnPickNot - hope you are having a good day!
    Yes, we will be thinking of all the teal sisterhood tomorrow!
    Good night 
  • Hi @Flowergirl. I posted a rather lengthy update on Lynparza discussion. Check it out. 
  • Good evening everyone. Last weekend I attended a edu session about complementary integrative medicine and there were some good resources to share. As soon as the slide deck is available, I'll post some links.
    Hope everyone is doing well this week and enjoying the warmer weather.
    See you around the site and back here on Tuesday, May 21 @7:00CST 
  • Good evening everyone - hello @beachgirl! - hope you are doing well today. 
    I've posted a few replies in the topics... sorry, I'm off to another meeting and will check back into the site later tonight.
    I've received some of the notes from the alternative / complemetary medicine topic I went to last week and will post what I can - if this is of interest to you, please direct message me so I can arrange to get the full notes to you .

  • Hello everyone- I'm mobile tonight so spotty service- will check in again when back to the desktop
  • Yes please!!! I would love you to forward them.  Thanks so much.
  • Hello everyone 
    hope you are doing well 
  • Hi everyone - thanks for stopping by tonight!

  • @beachgirl - I'm still sifting through the sites and hope to post soon the resources 
  • Hello @newbieme - welcome to the chat site and hope you are doing well this evening
  • hello...just getting to know this site

  • It is possible to private chat with users if you wish.
    just click on  a user name and then you can message direct if you wish - it won't show on the public site 
    You are welcome to try it on mine!

  • Welcome @newbieme - you can post your story in your bio if you wish or under another topic - let's get started
    I'll post in there as well.

    There are lots of topics so it is worth the time to click around and review old posts
  • Hi everyone ! I’ve been away in Scotland for 4 weeks visiting family and meeting my great niece Grace who is 3 months old. I wasn’t able to connect here because of the time difference, but I did think of you all.  I’m back now and ready to face the music with a CT scan on Thursday Jun 20. I see oncologist on Jun 24 for result of scan and to decide on the next step. I hope you are all well 🦋