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  • Hello @Linda - doing well thanks - hope you are too!
    Cold night .... we have a fire going and it is hockey time!
  • Hi @Flowergirl a fire sounds lovely !! I’m doing ok. I got confirmation yesterday that the pain I’ve been dealing with that I thought was hip related is actually my small mass. So I’m trying to get the pain under control with meds. Dr said chemo will eventually reduce the pain (tumor is pressing on a muscle). My CA125 is dropping so the chemo is doing it’s job. Next chemo is next Tuesday.  I’m going to make a wee camomile tea and put my feet up. Enjoy the hockey and the lovely fire. Hugs 🦋
  • Good to hear that you determined the source and that the chemo is doing the job.
    Sending you warm wishes and enjoy that quiet time Linda  -thanks 
  • Hello lovely ladies 👋 just popped in to say hello and hope you are all well. 
    I had blood work yesterday and saw oncologist to get the green light for chemo today. I also had a Port-a-cath inserted yesterday. Got carboplatin/caelyx today using the Port. Dare I even say “what a treat”?! It was getting so difficult to find a good vein so today was much easier.  Three cheers for my husband Leo for driving me there and back through the winter storm that’s hitting Southern Ontario today. Home safe n sound now and planning a big rest. Swinging good wishes to all of you. Sending hugs, and hoping you all keep cozy too ! 🦋
  • @Linda - quite a storm blowing through Ontario, eh? It’s been a wild one the last few weeks. 
    Glad everything went well yesterday for you. Rest well. ❤️
  • H i@Linda and @djapj - yes, hope you are all staying warm and doing well.
    Good to hear you are all set with the Port, beats being poked often. 
    The Winter season does seem long now... especially on the cold days... love the snow - hate the winds!
    Time spent doing indoor projects when the mood strikes.. 
    Sending good wishes to everyone; I've got some company stopping in so I'll pop back to the site again tomorrow.

    Any topics or suggestions you are looking for in regards to the site?
    What supports are you needing now? (and that may depend on where you are with your cancer experience/condition) You are welcome to post here when you have a few minutes.

  • Hello everyone ! I hope you’re all keeping well. My reminder popped up on my phone so 8 thought I’d pop in to say Hi 👋
  • HI @Linda @terrylee and everyone !
  • Thinking of you also @jsullivan33
  • Any thoughts on some topics we are missing on the site here - or suggestions of other supports our group would be interested in? 
  • Hi @Flowergirl I find a lot of the topics helpful. Can’t really think of any that I’d like to see added.
  • Thanks @Linda ... perhaps something on nutrition may be of interest to users. Hoping everyone is finding the support they need, when they need it!

    If anyone has missed the previous webinars - the past recordings can be found here:
    Be sure to scroll down to see the complete list.
  • Hi @Flowergirl Nutrition is a great topic, and might even allow us to share recipes that we’ve tried 
  •  :) 
  • Good night everyone - hope to meet you back here on Tuesday FEB 26 @7:00 PM CST 
  • Good night all and keep well (and cozy) 🦋
  • @Flowergirl - how about something on the different subtypes? I have muscinous carcinoma and it seems impossible to find out any verifiable information on this rare subtype. 
  • @Flowergirl, @Linda and @djapj,
    thank you for your message @Flowergirl, and my regrets for not checking in lately. Having a bit of a roller coaster with my care (still). Too many details to try to explain, suffice that I am once again stabilizing (until the next treatment wrings me out again...). I think that this leads to a topic idea: when should/might treatment be jettisoned?  I know these are discussions we have with our oncologists and families, but useful to share. Just waiting for the home care coordinator and the home care provider nurses to arrive for the first assessment visit, so will need to share my goals for this care with them. 
    I don’t know about yourselves but my cabin fever is at a peak, with this Ottawa winter. No place to walk there is so much snow. My husband has promised me a short visit to the National Gallery this morning once the nurses leave and Iam determined to hold up. 
    Have a grand week, hugs all around.
  • Hi @jsullivan33 Good to hear from you, and i’m So glad you’re getting the home care support. I know what you mean about cabin fever. And I hope you were able to get to the Gallery with your husband. Take care, and keep cozy. Swinging hugs your way too 💞🦋
  • Good evening everyone!
    Great topic idea @djapj !
    Great to hear from you @jsullivan33 - no worries about checking in - always thinking of you and hope you are well as can be - it sounds like you have amazing support around you. Know we are here to support you as best we can across the miles and web.

  • Hi @Flowergirl and Hi everyone! Looking forward to seeing the new topics. The sub types is a really good idea. I haven’t come across anyone with my OC.  Had a lovely day today. We met friends for lunch and chatted for 4 hours. It was so nice to have a good catchup. It’s bitter cold here in S Ontario and snow tomorrow but the sun was shining for a while today. Lifts the spirits ☀️
  • Hello @Linda - sounds awesome - yes lunch with friends is always good.
    Did a brunch with my gal pals on the weekend also - great times 
  • Hi @Flowergirl your brunch sounds lovely. The friends we met today had just travelled around the world (on Airmiles) so we saw their photos and the stories were great! ☀️
  • Good night  everyone - hope to meet you back here next week.... in March!
  • Have a great night everyone and a great week. Keep well and keep cozy ☀️🦋
  • Hello everyone and welcome to March!
    Hope the sun was shining on you today ... I'm looking forward to warmer temps - hoping!
  • Hello @Linda -thanks for stopping by .... hope all is well with you tonight 
  • Hi everyone and hi @Flowergirl March is here for sure but no signs of warming up yet. Hopeful that it happens soon. We did see the sun for a short time in between the snow squalls. I had a lovely lunch and great chinwag with a close friend today. Felt so good afterwards 
  • I’m ready for some warm, sunny weather. I can’t decide if I’m tired of winter or if I’m feeling the beginning effects of depression. 
  •  :)  sounds great - yes do what fuels you!
    hello @djapj - how are you this evening?