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  • @Flowergirl In these long and cold months I think the sunshine is a blessing, something you seenu h more ofwhere you are than I do here in often grey Niagara. 
  • Hello all, of course cold here in the Nation’s Capital, like the rest of this vast country. Not been well for a while now. I  began a palliative approach last week for my growing problems with pain, progression, and side effects from Caelyx and morphine. My FP of 25 yrs. has stepped up to be my palliative care doctor, and nurse visiting starts next week. It’s all happening sp quickly. My family and friends are a force to be reckoned with.  I will keep you posted, prayers please.

  • @jsullivan33 praying for you and your family. Psalm 23
  • HI @jsullivan33 - thank you for joining us... I hope they are able to make you comfortable to ease the pain. And yes, we are here for you as can be - prayers included. Glad you have support of family and friends. <3
  • @jsullivan33. Praying for you and your “ force to be reckoned with. “
    And thanks for being so honest with us. 
  • I am around. Never remember the time
  • Thank you all for your heartfelt messges. And for self care, I am wrapped in wool and hanging out with hubby, watching Stephen Colbert joke about Trump and his America. Yak with friends on phone, and go over her day with my daughter. It’s all good at home, I think of each of you. Enjoy the evening.
  • Hi @amyc -I always haveto set a notice on my calendar and an alarm on the phone to remind me.
    I'm glad we were all together on the chat tonight - nice gathering - great to check in.
    I'm still putting away the holiday decor so that is on my agenda tonight!
    Wishing you all a wonderful evening and will check in throughout the week.

    There is a webinar tomorrow for those that are around during the day... and if you miss it, I believe it is being recorded and will be posted at some point. 

    Many of the cancer centres are offering medical cannabis sessions - check in with your centre if this is of interest to you.
    Good night all 
  • Looking forward to our next chat on Tuesday JAN 29 @ 7:00PM CST
    hello and welcome  @Vi4, @jen_k, @Soledad if you are around to join us then right here!
  • Thank you, I'm still trying to figure out this website and how to navigate all that is available.
    Will try and join the chat next Tues.
  • hello and good evening everyone - how are you tonight @Vi4
  • Feeling great, finally got over a bad chest cold. Was worried since my surgery is around the corner
  • good to hear - wishing you the best for the surgery
  • quiet and cold tonight - I imagine everyone is under blankets for sure across Canada - which is a good thing.

    Bell Lets Talk for Mental Health is tomorrow (and for the month of January) 
    Hoping everyone has access to the resources they need and please do reach out if needed. There are so many supports around and it is finding out what works for you.

    Lots of self care can be a good thing. A warm bath and a blanket were the key to getting through today.
    Gosh the temps were not so nice.
  • I'm still trying to figure this thing out. I'm here, survived my first chemo last week and I'm on the upswing finally. I was feeling pretty rough for a few days. 
  • Hi @Ralanda - glad you stopped in! sorry you had a rough go of it... yes, it will take some time to figure out how your body and mind copes.... Day 3/4/5 post chemo tends to be the worst!
  • And that is exactly was it was  3/4/5. I'm actually able to eat today, bowels are finally moving again and I'm not nearly as sore. Still a bit slow moving and dizzy or light headed sometimes, but nothing like the weekend. It. Was. Brutal. 
  • yes, those meds can do a number on your body.. knowing what to prepare for can help ease the side effects 
    Lots of water - seems to help with the fatigue and getting the drugs through and out of the system
    I found just drinking soup broth helped too! Hope you have meds to manage the nausea and wishing you a good week of recovery
  • Hi @Linda - cheers to you for stopping by
    We are thinking of you tonight @jsullivan33 - sending warm wishes your way
  • Hi @Flowergirl @Ralanda @Vi4 Best of luck with your upcoming surgery - we are are here for you whenever you need a shoulder.  Hi @Ralanda glad to hear that your first chemo is behind you now and that you’ve turned a corner and feeling a bit better.  Keep cozy ladies - it’s a bitter one out there (they keep using the 2 words I really dislike - polar vortex) brrrrrrr! 
    Hi @Flowergirl I have all my messages set up for Bell let’s talk tomorrow. It’s a great opportunity to generate awareness and Bell donates 5cents for each tweet. 
  • Hi @jsullivan33 I’ve been thinking about you and praying for you. Good to hear you are surrounded with the care that you need, and I hope they have your pain under control now. Channeling hugs to you xoxo 
  • good night everyone
    I'm heading back under the blankets
    take good care this week!
  • Good night ladies - keep cozy ☀️🦋
  • Hi all - and good night! I'm off to the cosy world of my duvet covered bed!
    Quick update - I had my 3-month post treatment follow-up and my CA125 is 15! Praise God. CT Scan showed stable disease - no changes since the end of chemo. I'll take it, thank you very much. 
    I am on Lynparza, and though the side affects are many, I can really live with it, and very well too. Still recovering my energy.
    We were talking about the funding for Lynparza. It is covered under my husband's benefit plan and he retires in 3 years. My GyneOnc said, "What are your plans for drug coverage in three years?" I laughed. Isn't that a wonderful perspective ladies? How am I going to pay for my meds in 3 years? Who would have thought that that long range perspective would have been available to me 5 years ago (yes, 5 years ago!!!!).
    There is such hope for all of us.

    Good night, sleep tight, don't let the frost bite!
  • Oh, and my answer was, I'll worry about that in 3 years. I have a lot more living to do before that needs to be addressed.

  • Hi ladies. Just a quick question. I’ve been wanting to do a fundraiser. I’ve asked for some direction from the head office twice but haven’t received any follow up. Is this normal?
  • Hi @UnPickNot - thanks for stopping in too! and the great update - that is good news and glad you are feeling well and yes, love your plans!
  • Hi @djapj - that is fantastic - thank you for taking that on.  It depends on what you have planned and it may take some time to setup. Also, if you connect with your local executive representative - you can find out here:
    And perhaps @Marilyn can assist you. 

    I have done a few so you are welcome to private message me and perhaps  I can provide some assistance. 
  • Hi @UnPickNot  I loved reading your update and your awesome news! Its wonderful !!
    It’s the good news stories that give us all hope.  Keep well and keep cozy too. 🦋
  • Hi @Flowergirl. Hope you are doing well and keeping cozy.