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  • A really nice circle this evening @Flowergirl, @UnPickNot, @djapj, @MonarchButterfly, @linda, glad to read your posts. It’s good to find those places where you can feel safe, relaxed and somehow nourish your soul. I love to share the cooking (and do some much appreciated  baking), relax by listening to audio books, do yoga most 🎡mornings....My cancer coach at the Cancer Foundation talked to me about “cubes” being a metaphor for energy. You can take a handful of ice cubes every morning, decide how many you will need to do which activities. The point is, it melts away, so you need to choose carefully. From the heart. This OvCa is a job that none of us signed up for, but we do have some great resources to get through the rough spots. Sending lots of hugs.

  • Hi everyone - what a great "party"  you all had last night - so much support and great tips- fantastic.
    Those are all great coping techniques. And agreed, lots needed in the "Tool Box" to help us.

  • Hello lovely ladies ☀️ I won’t be able to join tomorrow nights chat as we have out of town guests arriving tomorrow. We’re good to see the Festival of Lights at Niagara Falls (very close to our home).Looking forward to chillaxing with our friends.
    I had my follow up oncologist appointment today and there are slight increases of disease in a lymph node and a lesion. Small increases but I have carcinosarcoma so we are starting chemo in early January again, instead of a watchful “wait n see”. It’s actually been really nice having a break from chemo since April so I’m lucky ! I’m also very grateful that we can support each other on this site.  This will give me a good opportunity to knit knit knit 🧶😊
    My wish for all of you it to have a wonderful festive season. Soak up all of the joy from your family and friends.  Sending hugs to all of you xo ☀️🦋
  • That sound lovely @Linda - enjoy!
    Happy holidays and catch you next time around the site.
  • Good evening everyone - sending warm wishes and good vibes your way this evening.
    I'm in between baking and resting - nice to keep the hands busy and the sunshine we have had certainly helps with the mood. A few shorts walks for fresh air helped as well.
    I also picked up a few of those prepackaged face masks - find the one you like and take in some self care this weekend! Any other tips you would like to share......
  • Hello @Flowergirl, @Linda. Linda, you sound very resolved to keep going with your (early) return to treatment and your living well. Sending hugs and wishes for a fine outcome. Flowergirl, your continuous examples of how to look after yourself by going to nature, humour, and creative arts and crafts. We need these examples.
    I am having some difficulty. My oncologist discontinued the parp inhibitor today, as both the CT scan and the Ca125 demonstrated rapid progression, I am symptomatic. I will now try my luck with Caelyx early January, although it seems to be a palliative measure whose efficacy is not encouraging. I am booked to see my cancer coach to get some professional support, but it feels good to come here. 

  • Hello @jsullivan33 - thanks for stopping in. Sorry those parp inhibitors have been stopped and I hope you doing ok.
    Yes, here is hoping the Caelyx does the job; everyone seems to react so differently to these drugs and it is good if they have a plan of action. Will be thinking of you over the next few weeks

  • Tuesday is December 25th and likely, a busy day and evening for many, so will resume our usual Tuesday chats
    Jan 01, 2019.
    I'll be popping into the chat throughout the holidays for sure - sending much support and thanking you all.

  • Thanks @Flowergirl. Wishing you a lovely Christmas, be well.
  • Hello ladies. I always forget the Teal Tuesday talks. How do you remember to join? Do you set an alarm, do you get an alert because you’ve posted before?
  • Thank you @jsullivan33! Merry Christmas to you and anyone celebrating this week.

    @djapj - I go old school and mark it on a paper calendar, and a sticky note on my computer and I set an alarm on my phone - find what works for you and it is nice the site has access 24/7. Cheers!
  • Good evening everyone and Happy 2019!
    Cold, quiet night here and I hope everyone is doing well and staying warm.

    As we enter 2019, I am planning to spend a bit of time reflecting on last year and then full speed ahead, planning to find special activities for 2019.

    Does anyone do the jar thing? Write down great things you experience and then fold them up, pop them into a jar and then you can read them on DEC 31 or JAN 1 the following year? Someone also mentioned healing hearts - so that a loved one or someone dealing with an illness would have 365 notes of love to read - a great and thoughtful idea!

  • Happy New Year ladies! I hope that you are all doing well. We had a very nice Christmas and a very quiet and peaceful New Year. I saw my oncologist yesterday to check blood work and before my chemo starts on Thursday. We have decided on Carboplatin and Caelyx this time (not Taxol) because my side effects were so bad they were reducing the Taxol. So they want to save the Taxol In case of future progression of disease. Chemo treatments will be every 4 weeks instead of every 3 weeks. And my CA125 is elevated at 179 (was 34 last July) 
  • Good evening everyone - hope you are doing well and staying warm.
    Good to see you on the site @Linda - glad you had a nice holiday and sorry about the restart of the chemo.
    I'm glad they have a course of action for you and sending good vibes your way! How are you feeling about allthat?
  • Hi @Flowergirl Good seeing you here too. How are you doing ?
    I’m feeling a bit relieved to be honest (because of not using the Taxol this time) 
  • I had a few days of the blahs - on the upswing now so that is a good thing! 
    Yes, it is good to know what to expect, if it makes it any easier I don't know but at least you know what is coming.
    Cold and quiet here- off to watch the hockey game.
    Catch you all again next time on and around the site. 
  • Hello and happy Tuesday everyone!
  • it is a cold and quiet evening - I have been trying to get in some skate dates - nice to be outside in the fresh air even if for a few minutes.  What have you been up to?

  • Thinking of you all tonight and hope you are doing as best as can be -
    @Linda - sending good thoughts your way.
    I'm off now to watch the hockey - sports overload for the next two weeks!
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  • Good evening everyone - hope you are staying warm and doing well.
    January is all about self care- what is your go to... Tea and fuzzy socks for me!
    how are you @Linda @jsullivan33
  • @Ralanda @JanCan @djapj - if you are around tonight I am on the chat for a while.
  • Good evening @flowergirl....exercise and a good book (preferably a who dunnit)
  • Hi @terrylee - thanks for stopping in - yes, that too would be wonderful. I've dug out the board games and puzzles as well to get through the winter cold snaps
  • @MonarchButterfly, @UnPickNot if you are around tonight we are on the chat for a while.
  • Hi everyone! Self care for me usually involves knitting, a beverage of my pleasure (and yes it is time of day dependent), and quite often people. And chips. LOL. 
    I require more people time than alone time, it’s how I’m wired. But my essential is intentional  time with God. 
  • I just spent a long day with doctors and nurses so I’m all curled up in bed, chatting with you. Alone time with my peeps. 
  • Hi @UnPickNot - those are all good and and I find counting blessings helps the mind too!
  • And yes @UnPickNot it is nice to be in a place where everyone gets it.... @amyc @Teddybear @mother42275 - hope you are also doing well and we are on the chat if you are around this evening