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  • Since it is Halloween, can everyone relate to wearing a mask at times? And different ones... sometimes it is easier than trying to explain how you are or to be ready when people ask questions.
    What works for you?... do you have a script that you refer to when needed?...   I practiced some so I would not be overwhelmed when I was in a situation and that helped me.

    Good night and hope to connect with you next Tuesday November 7 @ 7:00 PM  CST or whenever you can get on the site.
  • Good evening everyone if you are checking in here on the site this Tuesday evening. Needing to be in 3 places at once so I have logged in to say hello and hope you are all doing well. There are a few new topics and lots of great support and suggestions going on here. Since it is almost the end of 2017 - curious.... how are you on this day, what are you reflecting on (or from this past year) and what do you look most forward to in 2018? Thank you again for sharing.
  • Hello all,

    Hope everyone is doing well today.

    I had a post chemo CT today and I am disappointing  that it showed hardly any change from a CT done in August.  There are no new lesions but very little change in existing lesions.  There was a reduction in size of a pleural effusion.
    So basically holding steady.

    I see my Doctors next week.  Wonder what the plan will be now.

  • Hey so I just remembered that Tuesday’s are a chat night so logged on and... no one is around.  So I’ll say hello and hope All is well.  
    Hope everyone has a good evening.
  • Hello @midcanada all I can think of to say is make sure you ask your doctors next week about other drugs to be tried and what is available.  There are many drugs out there so maybe there is something new.  
  • Thanks @CurlyHair

    That is my plan.
    I have only been on two drugs so far.
  • hello @CurlyHair @midcanada @AlbertaKat - sorry I missed you all last night.  Nice to see some discussions around the site and perhaps more will join now that the cold weather is here. Stay warm and hope you are having a good day.

    Hoping to catch up with everyone next Tuesday Nov 14 @ 7:00 PM CST 
  • Hello and good evening everyone. How are you today and what are you doing for self care? 
    The webinar is tomorrow - Wednesday, November 15 at 12 noon EST
    Register here:

  • Hello @midcanada - how are you doing today?

  • Hello 
    A new treatment plan is in place after my Doctor visit today.......three cycles of chemo with Carboplatin, Taxol, and Avastin. Worth a try.

    How are you today Flowergirl?

  • For "self care" , since I have been feeling quite well as I was on a chemo break, I am spending time with the grandkids, and I spent a weekend in the US doing Christmas shopping with my sister and a friend. 
     Now that was a fine break from the routine medical treadmill I have been on.
  • Hello @midcanada... I'm glad you have your treatment plan all resolved... and time spent with family is a nice break!
    I'm doing well - thanks - doing yoga almost daily and it has helped greatly with my body and mind getting more relaxed.
  • Goodnight everyone - thank you all again for the great discussions around the site. Hoping to connect again with you all throughout the week or catch you back here on:
    Tuesday November 21 @ 7:00 PM CST 
  • Goodbye.
  • Hello midcanada.  Good luck with the new drug treatment plan.  
  • Does this chat take place every Tuesday?
  • Hi @amyc - yes, we are hoping to all connect "live" on Tuesdays - hope you can join us next 
    Tuesday November 21 @ 7:00 PM CST 

  • Hello - good evening everyone - There are a few new topics and welcome to those who have recently joined this chat platform. Hi @red1976... how are you tonight?
  • I'm having a down day. Had my staging surgery yesterday and I'm in pain. How are you? 
  • Hi @red1976... thank you again for sharing your story... I am hoping you have some medications for the pain.... it is difficult post surgery and I remember thinking it is my job to just rest and heal  - so I hope you can get some sleep when you can.
    I'm doing ok thank you...the emotional rollercoaster seems to be a smoother ride for now. 
  • @Flowergirl I'm happy to hear you're in a good place right now. I'm just a month from being diagnosed and still trying to maximize my coping. I usually walk or do yoga but I'm back to back surgeries right now so havent been able to do that. Massages have been helping a lot however 
  • Lots of support here for you @red1976... thanks, I think I will try a massage also!
    Good night everyone and hope you can join us again on
    Tuesday November 28 @ 7:00PM CST or when ever you can join into the topics
  • Hello - good evening everyone - hi @red1976 ! How are you tonight?

  • Thank you @Marilyn and Ovarian Cancer Canada for today's event :
    "Each year, the team at Ovarian Cancer Canada sets aside time to honour the women who have touched our lives and warmed our hearts. You’re invited to join us, from wherever you are, by lighting a candle in quiet reflection on November 28 at 1:30 p.m. EST. "

    This evening, I'm reflecting, remembering and so pleased to have met Heather... I sat beside her on a few occasions at our support group events.... I miss her comforting nature. Also thinking of Lorraine, Louise, Dorothy and Aunt Jeannie.  
  • Hi @Flowergirl! I'm doing ok. Watching HGTV and eating candy cane ice cream :smile: Only 1 week postop but feeling phsycially well. 
  • Hi - that is good to hear @red1976.... hoping each week brings you more strength and no pain.
  • are we still online?

  • LOL - that's me... half hour late for everything!  Hopefully catch up next week! Sorry to have missed everyone.
  • I totally forgot it was Tuesday- thank you, @Flowergirl, for the tag.
    It’s been a tough week, and more and more difficult to put in a full day at work.  Still waiting for referral to gyno for second opinion... and I was dx with a brain aneurysm last Wednesday.  So also waiting for an MRI with contrast so they can hopefully provide treatment options before I get worse.