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Newbie to the

Hello Teal Sisters - I was diagnosed with Stage 3 high grade serous OC Feb 2018, discovered per colonoscopy performed due to low hemoglobin (no known reason for this) not responding to iron supplements. Since I subsequently didn't respond to chemo, more biopsies were performed, MRI and CTs resulted in a new diagnosis of Stage 4 low grade serous OC Nov 2018. Surgery March 2019, carbo/taxol and Avastin followed. Taking Letrozole since July 2019 and to date I have responded well to the treatment. Looking forward to continued positive results from my blood work and CT booked on the anniversary of my surgery.  At the moment feeling great but missing my two grand babies like crazy. Cheers for modern video technology.


  • oops - meant to say Newbie to the Site.  Clumbsie Thumbsies ;)
  • jiselle16
    jiselle16 Peer Support Vol
    Hi @Webby! Welcome to the OVdialogue community! Sorry to hear about your diagnosis, but glad to hear that you are responding well to treatment. The current Covid situation certainly doesn't help...but thank goodness for video chat to keep in touch with family! If you haven't already checked it out, Ovarian Cancer Canada's website has a wealth of info on OC, and you can also request a free copy of By Your Side/Still By Your Side which are comprehensive guides on OC (I found them super helpful when I was diagnosed, as they were written in plain language). Feel free to browse through the discussion topics, and when you need support or have questions, feel free to post on here and us teal sisters will reach out. We've been there, and we get it! Sending you (covid-free!) hugs your way <3
  • Thank you for your support and suggestions jiselle16. Hugs right back at ya. 
  • Good to hear you are feeling great 😊. I started on Letrozole Jan 25/21 and new to it. Have you had follow-up CT scans while on this medication & what has it done for you? I will use it for 3-4 months and then the oncologist will order a CT scan to check on it. 
  • Hi VernaM - I have had CT scans every 3 months. Also had a bone density just prior to starting the Letrozole per oncologist's recommendation and a cholesterol check. Apparently the drug can cause bone loss and elevated cholesterol. According to my most recent CT results - no concerns, so I hope the Letrozole is contributing to that. Will know more after next month's CT.  All the best, Webby 🤗
  • Webby, thank you for your reply 😊 I had a bone density test done in Prince George January this year & a cholesterol test that came out good. Is your OC in remission, or is it still there & the Letrozole is keeping it from growing or spreading? I hope next month’s CT has great results for you😊
  • Hey VernaM - I've never had an NED or remission diagnosis per se. Reports since surgery & chemo have indicated no definite new growth and no concerns. Hope this answers your concerns. Thanks for the Hope. I am sending positive thoughts your way.