Weekly Taxol w/Avastin

Does anyone have any experiences to share about this treatment? I'm interested to know what what quality of life were you able to enjoy while taking it and how long you were on this treatment program.    


  • Hi there - I had the carbo/taxol 3 weeks post op then Avastin was started during my final 3 rounds of chemo.  The Avastin IVs continued for a total of 17 treatments (once every 3 weeks)  which essentially was for a year - finished up in July 2020. Chemo came with it's 'usual' side effects, however during the 'good weeks' I golfed, went swimming and travelled. (mainly out west to visit family). All in all, my quality of life was pretty darn good.  I must say, the side effects from the Avastin were manageable. Currently I believe they are gone. However, being on Letrozole by mouth has a few, minor, mostly annoying side effects which, so far are tolerable.
    Hope this helps. Cheers, Webby