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2 years ago I had a radical hysterectomy to treat the muscinous carcinoma that they found.  I am in surgical menopause and have noticed skin changes.  My face looks older, duller, my pores are bigger.  I am wondering if anyone has had any guidance on skin care for surgical menopause issues? I am now 45 years old.
Thank you!


  • @djapj
    I'm sorry to hear you've had to deal with this at so young an age.  I have no wisdom in this regard to share given I was already post menopause at the time of my surgery. But I suggest you reach out to our Young Survivors group.  They may have some insights to share. You can access that community right now, through the Discussion Thread titled Young Survivors. Alternatively it might be wise, if you haven't already, to see your GP. Possibly a referral to a dermatologist could be of help.  And finally, your local cancer center may have clinics or support groups focused on these issues.  
  • jiselle16
    jiselle16 Peer Support Vol
    @djapj I too have noticed some skin changes in my late 30's after being in surgical menopause for almost 5 years now. I haven't found any magical solutions unfortunately, but I find that general self-care has been super important. Drinking lots of water, getting adequate sleep, and limiting stress (where I can) has helped my skin. I find that my skin looks duller and exfoliating weekly and moisturizing with a good quality face serum has been essential for me. As Fearless mentioned, reaching out to a dermatologist may also be helpful if you have specific skin concerns.