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OCC 2021 - An opportunity to provide input and influence this year's calendar of events and programs

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Hello Everyone, 

As you know, along with fostering our connection with one another through OVdialogue, Ovarian Cancer Canada provides us with support in so many other ways. Currently they are planning the 2021 calendar of events and programs and have asked for our input, ideas, and insights to help ensure this years' calendar will best meet our needs.

2021 will encompass new educational and support events and resources. These could take many forms including virtual meetings, interactive workshops, panel presentations, a speaker series...even another symposium similar to what we experienced this past September.  They believe it critical to ensure our particular needs and interests are considered as they plan forward.   To that end, they would appreciate hearing your views on topics and themes of interest to our community, including your thoughts on topics they are currently considering. These include:

  • The role of the Nurse Navigator and what he or she can do for you
  • Complementary and integrative medicine
  • Finance and illness
  • Hygiene of life and treatments
  • Testimonials from Teal sisters
  • Treatments and their side effects
  • Cancer and naturopathy
Please take the time to share your thoughts on these topics or suggest any other topics or activities that would be of value to you and our community.  Your feedback will help guide their planning to better meet our needs.

Your input is requested by January 29 and you can share your thoughts either by using the comment function to this discussion thread, or by contacting Tracy Kolwich, Regional Director, Ovarian Cancer Canada directly in private message to @TracyOCC or email 


  • I'd like it if we could have something on the psychological impact of a cancer diagnosis and strategies for dealing with anxiety.

    I'd also like a presentation on the various drug treatments, when they are applicable and any news on this front that arises from trials, any newly approved medicatios or those almost approved. For example, when PARPi are most effective, how platinum resistance is best managed, where immunotherapies fit in etc.  
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    CountryLiving Peer Support Vol
    I agree with @BeamBlossom on having something on the psychological impact of cancer both while during treatment and after. Not a social worker but a psychologist viewpoint and strategies.
  • Support the comments above.

    From the Symposium, I learned a great deal about both current treatments and new promising research.   It would be very helpful to have regular set updates (suggest 3-4 times per year) on this - directly from oncologists and researchers.  We have such little time with our oncologists that a dedicated session with lots of time for questions would be amazing.  In fact, it could become a go-to for all of us and help moderate the angst involved with surfing the internet for this information.   And it would provide us with the information we need to be better prepared and informed on our treatment and treatment options.   

    And yes on the psychological impacts of cancer.  I am now two years into it and continued to be surprised how poorly I am coping.  Even with professional help, I just can't seem to get sorted in any meaningful way in order to fully enjoy the time I have. 

    While the other topics are of interest, these two above would be my key priorities.  
  • Fearless_Moderator
    I would love to see regular zooms calls with experts sharing what's new and exciting and including some reasonable time for Q&A. Quarterly perhaps?  Just one expert topic per zoom.  I went to a PMH symposium a couple of years ago where they lined up an expert in each of the different fields...from pathology to radiology to imaging and surgery etc. And was completely blown away with how much I learned that was very valuable knowledge over time.  
  • Thanks so much ladies for this important feedback and your insights - taking these forward as we plan our schedule for the coming year,
    Happy Friday!
  • Mental Health for sure and maybe fitness or exercise programs to help during treatments. 

    I know this site is nationwide but maybe also some provincial information.  It might be helpful to see what some provinces do well so that we can bring it to our own provinces / Health Care Facilities advocacy groups.
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