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Lynch Syndrome

HI all....
Haven't been on OVdialogue in a long time, once I was through treatment and found my in-person support group, I kind of just drifted away. I just had new information come up from my genetic testing and they have determined that I have Lynch Syndrome, which I had done some research on when first diagnosed because when I googled Uterine and Ovarian cancers showing up simultaneously, Lynch Syndrome was mentioned. When I first had my genetic testing, it came back that there was a 'variant of uncertain significance' or VUS. However, they ran more tests, sent it to the U.S. to another lab and 18 months later discovered that I do have Lynch Syndrome. I am wondering if there are others here with Lynch Syndrome and if so, what your doctors are doing to follow up. I have an appointment with my gyne-onc in December and she will be ordering a baseline CT, also I will be seeing a GI doctor for colonoscopy and endoscopy to check for colon cancer since that is what is most common with Lynch.  


  • Fearless_Moderator
    Welcome back @KarenMari53 Hopefully there are others here to connect with on that subject. You might also go to the Search bar at the top right of page. Typing in key words might bring up some previous discussions on the topic.  Hope to see more of you, and as you discover more information about the Syndrome I'm sure others on this site, now or in future, would benefit from any new information you can share.
  • Thanks @Fearless - Vol Mod...I actually made a couple of connections on Saturday during the symposium. 😊 Knowledge is power.