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Naturopath treatents

Just wondering if anyone has tried naturopath treatents such as hyperthermia and high dose vitamin C along with chemo


  • Hi @alexina Welcome to our community.  I have had no experience with the treatments you mention but would be interested to hear from any of our gals who have.  I'm always open to considering alternatives, as long as my medical team is onside before I start anything.

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  • I also go to an ND who specializes in oncology patients. Currently I have finished chemotherapy and take 50g IV Vitamin C twice a month.This takes about 80 minutes start to finish. I also take ; Theracurmin, Coriolus (turkeytail), Vitamin D, Adrenal Complex, Vitamin E, Nutrasea (omega 3) Glutathione .
    I did not take while on chemo. Will shortly be on Zejula (hopefully) so I will need to have the approval of my oncologist.
    Not really looking forward to asking him.
  • @Cecile21 Thanks for sharing your experience with naturopathic medicine.  So glad you will be conferring with your oncologist about continuing any of these while on Zejula.  I take Lynparza/Olaparib myself and have found it very flexible relative to taking other medications. My biggest restrictions so far have been grapefruit, and seville oranges. Other than that there is nothing I take that they've restricted me from continuing, but then again I don't take much else other than some meds for mild high BP, and acid reflux.  Ensure you follow your oncologists advice...take a list with you as he or she may need to reach out to the manufacturer or at least the cancer center's own pharmacy team for definitive answers on what you can and can't continue.
  • Hi @Cecile21 I have been thinking about this. I’m a bit nervous about the IV vitamin C and I don’t think my oncologist would like it. She would approve of Omega 3 though. I do take vitamin D weekly, and have been considering adding turkey tail. I’m also going to start Zejula through a clinical trial in Montreal. And I’m considering using metformin. So much to think about eh? Thanks for sharing and for raising this topic. 
  • Hi @nadiaC
    Just an update regarding supplements. I have stopped the IV Vitamin C since I am starting Zejula tomorrow. I received the OK from the Drug Company Pharmacist for most of the rest. He said there would be no interaction. Since I am feeling so much better taking them and able to walk 5 km every morning, for me it works for now. I have easy access to my oncologist if I have any serious side effects from the Zejula. I just make a phone call and his nurse will call back right away. However, curious about the metformin? Please keep me posted about your experience with Zejula. I start tomorrow at bedtime. I thought that my dose would be 300 mg but I am starting at 200 mg.
  • Hi @Cecile21. Thanks for the update. Good luck with Zejula. My protocol is also to start at 200 and then if it’s well tolerated to increase to 300. I have weekly blood tests when I start for 3-4 weeks. Haven’t decided about metformin yet but will likely take it. There are prospective studies showing that people with diabetes who were on metformin have lower incidence of OVCa and diabetics on metformin who develop OVCa have lower incidence of recurrence. There are several clinical trials being run in the US now testing metformin in OVCa patients. My oncologist thinks it is a good idea, but I will discuss with her on Nov 16. Will keep you posted. Good luck with the Zejula! 
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    edited October 2020
    Good luck to you too. You are the only one I know who is starting on this also. Nice to have company! 
  • @Cecile21 Yes it is nice to have company. I’ll keep you posted. I hope it all goes smoothly for us. 🤞🏼
  • Just a thought @nadiaC and @Cecile21 but I know there are others either already on Zejula or will be starting.  Might be an idea for one of you to open a Discussion topic...maybe titled something like Zejula...a discussion to share experiences.  Or ...Looking for other Zejula users.  You could use it to share experiences across the country with others and be a resource for others considering the use of the drug.  Just a thought. 

    PS: interesting that on Olaparib they start you at the max dose of 300mg 2X day and then reduce by 50mg as symptoms arise that require lowering the dose. Lowest you can go is 200mg 2X day...but, once you go down you're not allowed to go back up.  I have a couple of minor things going on that could or could not be related to Olaparib. There's been a suggestion to reduce me from my current 250 to 200. But what a shame if the change does nothing and now I'd be stuck at the lower dose.  So opted not to change.  
  • @Fearless - Vol Mod That is a great idea. I thought I would be starting at 300 but the pharmacist said that if you weighed less than 75 kg you had to start at 200. I weigh 59 kg. Something to discuss for sure.