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Medical marijuana / cannabis oil

JaneWest Legacy
I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with cannabis oil or medical marijuana throughout their cancer journey? @Sunflower, you commented on this for helping with neuropathy. I'm not interested in smoking anything, or thc; I just want the medicinal benefits for neuropathy, anxiety, and other benefits I may not yet know about.


  • I'm a peer lead for a support group in Ottawa and this question has come up many times. I have no experience but my husband was given a prescription for marijuana after his back surgery to help fuse the nerves back together, helped a bit for him.
  • I was prescribed Nabilone (medical marijuana) in pill form. Smoking is out of the question for me due to fluid in my lungs. I take 1mg at bedtime. It helps tremendously with sleep. My brother made me some brownies with marijuana and it does help with anxiety and my neuropathy. Plus they taste great LOL!! My pain and symptom doctor prescribed it for me at the cancer center. I don't know if it works the same way for everyone but sure did for me.
  • i use a CBD/THC 1:1 mix cannnabis oil to manage the side effects of chemo, resultin insomnia,pain and anxiety.  I just put a few drops under my togue.  Worked like a hot damn.
  • I will start chemotherapy in two weeks and I am very interested in learning more about the use of medical marijuana. Did you find any literature/ good websites on this? 
  • Hello Claudia 

    I provided this lengthy link to info on cannibas.  You can go to the Canadian Cancer Society website and search for medical marijuana in case the link does not work.
  • thank you curly hair - that was a very useful link!  I never thought to check there...
  • What sorts of chemo side effects does it help with? 
  • Thank you for the link @CurlyHair !