Hi my name is Carol Lee. I was initially diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer in October 2019 and after surgery and 5 months of intensive treatment, we thought we were “good” for awhile. Felt every bit normal until mid August when cramps returned and after a CT scan last week was given a recurrence diagnosis. Obviously something didn’t work but my CA 125 marker was 6 in August. We are trying to keep positive but is very difficult. Covid certainly doesn’t help. Anybody have any suggestions or happy stories. A lot of the posts on this forum seem to be old?


  • @clmcinnis so sorry to hear of challenges the past year. But there is hope.  I was diagnosed and treated through 2017 for stage 3C high grade serous OVC and recurred late 2018.  At the time the manufacturers of Olaparib had just launched a new trial of their drug and my profile fit the criteria so I began treatment in the form of two pills twice a day. It shrunk the recurrence by 75% in the first four months and since then, while I will probably never be cancer free, the tiny tumours remain stable while I continue with the drug.  Many others will attest to success through chemo or through surgery.  We're all very different so treatment protocols differ. But lots of us now with recurrence and surviving long term.  Rely on your onocology team to provide options available to you, based on your unique profile but do ask about trials. It seems something new launching all the time now. And don't give up hope.....

    This is wonderful group to engage with for information and support. Think about joining one of our live chats...weekly on Tuesdays at 7pm CT and Thursdays at 1pm ET for immediate feedback.  Ovarian Cancer Canada also has a very helpful booklet on recurrence I can recommend. for more information on recurrence and to order the booklet.
    Regardless please keep us posted on your progress and, Carol Lee,  reach out anytime we can be of help.  
  • Thanks fearless. It’s been a rough two days. This does give us hope. 
  • Hello @clmcinnis - welcome to the chat and we hope you'll find the support you need here - the ladies have all been fabulous at sharing their experiences and stories. 
    You can also check out the recorded webinar series ....
    Be sure to scroll all the way down as there are several about recurrence.
    Did your medical team give you some treatment options or a plan?

  • Hello @clmcinnis and welcome to OVDialogue - we're glad you found us. I have found this site to be a great forum for support, insight and information on ovarian cancer, treatment and care. Though there are women here at different stages of their journey, we all have one commonality. Check out the posts, though some are older, the information will be helpful. As @Fearless said, try to attend one of the online chats on Tuesday or Thursday.
  • Thanks I will try to do that. During the first round of treatments I wanted nothing to do with anyone else who had ovarian cancer. I wanted to surround myself with healthy people thinking that would protect me from my future “fears”. Now I’m realizing I have to take more charge in my own health. I’ll take any hope where I can get it. 
  • @clmcinnis - I was the opposite - I wanted to talk to others with the same cancer - unfortunately when I was diagnosed, OVDialogue was not around. Not only do you have to take charge, you need to talk about it. Healthy people frequently don't know what to say - people will avoid the subject because they don't want to upset you or say the wrong thing. My husband was wonderful, but he wasn't going through chemo. He didn't have the fatigue, the pains...though we were both bald for a while... For a long time my mind was consumed by cancer, treatment , will I have a recurrence, and recovery. It's taken a long time, but the help from a local support group (to begin with) and then OVDialogue have made a huge difference.
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